SOLVED! - 4-Inch Vs. 6-Inch Recessed Lighting: Which Size Do You Need?

Once it comes to illuminating residential rooms, recessed lighting proves to be one of the most popular choices for homeowners. Designed to be space-saving and aesthetically pleasing, recessed lighting can liven up the place without requiring too much work. Nowadays, recessed lighting comes in various sizes but 4-inch and 6-inch stand out from the rest in terms of utility. Needless to say, during talks about recessed lighting for modern residences, 4-inch vs. 6-inch recessed lighting is a topic that attracts special attention from people.

A Summary Of The Sizes 

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You intend to use recessed lighting to illuminate a couple of rooms in your house but cannot make up your mind between 4-inch and 6-inch? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article could tell you everything you must remember about the sizes of recessed lighting to make a wise decision.

4-Inch And 6-Inch Recessed Lighting: Overviews 

It’s a breeze to tell 4-inch and 6-inch recessed lighting apart: all you have to do is to measure the diameter of the housing. It’s worth pointing out that you have to remove the trim of the housing to get the size right. In use, both sizes of recessed lighting have something to offer but to ensure light uniformity, it’s best to use a mixture of them. With proper arrangements of recessed lighting, you would have an easy time optimizing the level of illumination inside your house.

What The Sizes Could Do 

4-Inch Recessed Lighting

  • Enlarge the perceived space: Through a process called “wall washing”, 4-inch recessed lighting often makes the walls appear farther away than what the blueprint suggests. Therefore, many homeowners that don’t want to feel claustrophobic in their rooms hold 4-inch recessed lighting in high esteem.
  • Improve the look of items: Able to focus light on an area, 4-inch recessed lighting brings out the beauty in decoration, furniture and so on. That means if you care about the way your rooms present themselves, you don’t regret using 4-inch recessed lighting.
  • Raise visibility along the edges: Normally, the edges of the rooms don’t require much light as most activities happen to occur in the center. That being said, for those that wish to keep every nook and cranny visible, 4-inch recessed lighting comes in handy for illuminating the room edges.
  • Energy-saving: 4-inch recessed lighting only consumes a small amount of electricity in the course of operation: As a result, regarding the conservation of energy, 4-inch is the one that comes out on top in 4-inch vs. 6-inch recessed lighting.
  • Low cost: Thanks to advances in mass production technologies, 4-inch recessed lighting models feature budget-friendly price tags. Thus, the purchase of 4-inch recessed lighting should have inconsequential impacts on the upcoming spendings of homeowners.

6-Inch Recessed Lighting

  • More coverage: Possessing a high light output, 6-inch recessed lighting is capable of illuminating a lot of space. That is why once it comes to coverage, numerous people consider 6-inch to be the winner in 4-inch vs. 6-inch recessed lighting.
  • Less work: As 6-inch recessed lighting could cover more space than 4-inch one, you don’t have to use many sets to achieve optimal illumination. On average, in the case that you need to replace several sets of 4-inch recessed lighting, a 6-inch one is usually adequate.
  • Multiple options for the trim: Today’s 6-inch recessed lighting tends to incorporate trims of variable designs, colors, materials, … Hence, homeowners could choose to pair their recessed lighting with whatever trim that suits the theme of their interior most.
  • Direct control over illumination: A number of 6-inch recessed lighting models have built-in controls that allow people to increase and decrease the level of illumination. That is by all accounts a big plus if you lack the means to install separate control systems for recessed lighting in your house.
  • Economical: While 6-inch recessed lighting costs more than its 6-inch counterpart, it lasts longer as well. If you go for 6-inch recessed lighting, it’s going to be a while before you have to find replacements.

How To Choose Between 4-Inch And 6-Inch Recessed Lighting

Overall, it’s hard to say anything about 4-inch vs. 6-inch recessed lighting without taking individual liking into account. To determine the size of recessed lighting to use, it’s widely advised that you check out the recommendations below

  • Think about the location: 4-inch recessed lighting works best in small spaces such as bathrooms, pantries, cupboards and others. On the other hand, 6-inch recessed lighting is particularly well-suited for big rooms with high ceilings that require a lot of light to stay illuminated.
  • Consider the interior theme: Want to create a minimalist vibe in your house and need a lighting set that could match our goal? Then 4-inch recessed lighting is exactly what you need. However, if vibrance is your top priority, stick to 6-inch recessed lighting.
  • Keep the wallet in mind: A 6-inch recessed lighting is more expensive than a 4-inch one but one of the latter could replace several of the former. Because of that, it’s essential to give your wallet some thought to make the right call.


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What should I do to keep my recessed lighting in top shape?

Recessed lighting models for households require little care to stay in working order so there is no need to give them unique treatment. You only have to clean your recessed lighting from time to time to remove dirt build-ups. Needless to say, disconnect power in advance so you don’t get shocked during cleaning.

How many factors affect the lifespan of recessed lighting?

Lots: usage, maintenance, environment, etc. Still, assuming that you don’t do anything extreme, your recessed lighting is going to last for years to come.

Is it a good idea to repair damaged recessed lighting?

Owing to the availability of spare parts, homeowners could repair damaged recessed lighting by themselves. That being said, you should give the extent of damages some thought. You should be able to repair minor damages with relative ease but for extensive ones, you may want to buy new recessed lighting.

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