SOLVED: 4-Inch Vs. 8-Inch Faucet: An Analysis

While choosing faucets for bathrooms nowadays, people have to consider various things and the size of faucets is one of them. Generally speaking, getting the size of faucets wrong could lead to a multitude of headaches that trouble homeowners for years to come. At the moment, regarding the size of household faucets, 4-inch and 8-inch tend to be the standard choices. That being said, the difference in preferences means opinions vary about the winner in 4-inch vs. 8-inch faucet.

Insight Into The Faucet Sizes 

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Unable to decide between 4-inch and 8-inch for the size of your faucets? If that happens to be the case then this article is exactly what you need. Down below is all the information that you must remember about both sizes of faucets.


The distance between outer holes of sinks determines the size of faucets you can use. Overall, 4-inch faucets should fit sinks with outer holes that measure 4-inches apart. Meanwhile, sinks with outer holes spaced 8-inches apart could accept 8-inch faucets. To avoid spending big bucks on faucets that you cannot use, it’s strongly recommended that you get to know the compatibility of your sinks in advance.

Note: You intend to renovate your bathroom? Then there is no need to worry about compatibility as you may ask your contractor to drill outer holes for faucets of your choice.


In layman’s terms, the size of the bathrooms is one of the most influential factors during the selection of faucet size. If the bathroom of your house is kind of large, it’s widely advised that you go for 8-inch faucets. On the other hand, if you have a small bathroom, you should stick to 4-inch faucets.


Modern faucets come in all shapes and sizes but it’s possible to split models on the market into two designs: attached and separate.

  • Attached Faucets 

As the name suggests, attached faucets incorporate sprouts and handles into one unit which gives them a compact appearance. Also, it’s worth pointing out that the universal size of attached faucets is 4-inch. Thus, people who desire neat faucets usually consider 4-inch to the one that comes out on top in 4-inch vs. 8-inch faucet.

  • Separate Faucets 

In separate faucets, sprouts and handles stand apart so models of the design show up in pieces instead of one unit. Once it comes to separate faucets, homeowners could choose from two variants: mini widespread faucets (4-inch only) and widespread faucets (8-inch only).

How To Choose Between 4-Inch And 8-Inch: Hints 

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  • Take outer holes into account: It’s wise to give outer holes some thought unless your renovation plan involves drilling new holes. Having the best faucet money can buy means little if it’s incompatible with the outer holes of your sink. While coming up with a size or the faucet, measure the distance between outer holes then use the number as reference. By doing so, you would be able to minimize the odds of picking up faucets in the wrong size.
  • Keep the bathroom in mind: Despite their small size, faucets affect quite a few things from the arrangement of bathroom supplies to the way the bathrooms present themselves. Because of that, you must consider your bathroom to choose the right faucet size.
  • Think about personal liking: You like using faucets with integral sprouts and handles? Then it’s suggested that you prioritize 4-inch models as you shop for faucets. On the other hand, if you seek faucets with separate sprouts and handles, you could go for either 4-inch or 8-inch models.

Top-Rated Faucets On The Market

With preferences changing from person to person, the best faucets to someone may appear less than ideal to others. However, in the case that you wish to get your money’s worth, you have to take a look at these models.

4-Inch Faucets 

  • Delta Windemere B2596LF-SS: Dependable and reliable, Delta Windemere B2596LF-SS rarely let homeowners down in the course of operation. Possessing an ergonomic design, the faucet made by Delta is simple to manipulate and that is a big plus for senior homeowners. In addition to that, compared to its contemporaries, Windemere B2596LF-SS reduces water consumption by as much as 20%. As a result, once it comes to cutting down utility bills, Delta Windemere B2596LF-SS is one of the leading choices.
  • Moen Brantford 6610: Boasting an excellent flow rate, Moen Brantford 6610 excels in a wide range of cleaning tasks. Interestingly, though its flow rate is not low, Brantford 6610 never consumes much water so people don’t want to worry about spikes in utility bills. Besides that, as an aesthetically pleasing model, the Moen faucet would blend in instead of standing out like a sore thumb. Thus, adapting Moen Brantford 6610 to themes of the bathroom is a walk in the park.
  • Parlos Doris 14068: Designed with convenience in mind, Parlos Doris 14068 earned a shower of praises from no-nonsense homeowners. With intuitive installation, the faucet from Parlos takes moments to set up and there is no need for special tools. Moreover, after the setup process concludes, Doris 14068 is going to work until the day it fails without requiring a lot of care. If you hate managing maintenance-intensive fixtures,  Parlos Doris 14068 is for you.

8-Inch Faucets 

  • Grohe Concetto 20572001: Thanks to the incorporation of unique plating that prevents corrosion, Grohe Concetto 20572001 maintains its appearance as time passes by. Additionally, with Teflon coating on the handle, Concetto 20572001 permits friction-free movement which decreases wear and tear. Because of that, in normal condition, the faucet of Grohe would still look like new after working for years. Last but not least, Grohe Concetto 20572001 is a water-saving model so its water consumption is lower than that of other faucets nowadays.
  • Delta Cassidy 3597LF-CZMPU: While it’s a bit more expensive than its competitors, the values that Delta Cassidy 3597LF-CZMPU offers justify its price tag. Slim and slick, 3597LF-CZMPU fits an assortment of bathrooms in today’s residences. Also, the faucet made by Delta comes with hardware so installation could begin as soon as people get it out of the packaging. Finally, since Delta Cassidy 3597LF-CZMPU is accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty, homeowners have something to count on when troubles occur.
  • Moen Brantford T6420BN: Put together with two lever handles that facilitate the application of adjustments, Moen Brantford T6420BN allows homeowners to regulate the flow of water smoothly. Furthermore, as the Moen faucet is based on the M-PACT common valve system, people may update the faucet style without having to change the plumbing. The fleck-resistant finish of Moen Brantford T6420BN guarantees long-lasting aesthetic values as well.


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