SOLVED: A KBRS Shower Pan Problems Review For Homeowners

As a long-established brand with a lot of experience, KRBS is the number choice of many modern homeowners once it comes to showers systems. Thanks to the attention to utility, KRBS products including shower pans tend to give a good account of themselves in a wide range of conditions. That being said, shower pans made by KRBS still receive complaints from time to time. Needless to say, “KBRS shower pan problems review” is the topic of various discussions between people who like KBRS products but want to be thorough.

Pros And Cons Of KBRS Shower Pans 

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You have heard great things about KBRS shower pans but want to gather more details? If that is the case, this article is for you. Down below is everything that you must keep in mind about the advantages and disadvantages of shower pans from KBRS.


Universal application: Able to work with all sorts of tiles, shower pans from KBRS would blend in instead of standing out like a sore thumb. Naturally, KBRS products prove popular among homeowners that prioritize aesthetics.

No-nonsense installation: Thanks to the intuitive setup process, shower pans of KBRS take moments to install and there is no need for specialized tools. That is a big plus if you have a tight schedule and cannot spend all day installing the shower pan.

Trouble-free performance: Being pre-sloped, residential KBRS shower pans rarely experience anglings issues in use. Therefore, water should consistently flow to the drain which eliminates problems such as flooding, stagnation, …

Leakproof: Designed to be proof against leak, shower pans made by KBRS excel at keeping showers from sustaining water damages. If you don’t want to face expensive repair bills, KBRS products would be your best bet at the moment.

No mold: By minimizing the odds of leakage, shower pans for residence from KBRS could inhibit the growth of mold. Happen to have concerns about health and wish to get something that addresses your worries? Then you won’t regret picking up KBRS shower pans.


A bit expensive to customize: Compared to their competitors on the market, standard KBRS shower pans come at reasonable prices. However, once it comes to customization, shower pans of KBRS cost slightly more than others and that requires budget consideration.

Making A Decision: Should You Get KBRS Shower Pans? 

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Different people often bring up different points during talks about  “KBRS shower pan problems review”. However, if you like to make a wise investment, it’s suggested that you take a look at these considerations

Think about the schedule: In the case that you have time to spare while installing the shower pan, you could use whatever products you want. On the other hand, if you lack the time for draw-out applications, KBRS shower pans should suit you well.

Take maintenance into account: Following installation, shower pans made by KBRS only need little care to stay in top shape. Wish to spend more time enjoying your shower and less time worrying about the maintenance? Then it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for KBRS shower pans.

Keep wallet in mind: The price of shower pans from KBRS is not exactly cheap. Still, by making some calculations, you should be able to squeeze KBRS products into your spending plan with relative ease. Also, it’s noteworthy that KBRS shower pans last for years so you can save a couple of bucks in the long run.


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What is the best way to install shower pans?

All in all, the setup process of shower pans change from case to case but if you seek guidance, check out the steps down below

Step 1: Prepare the shower for installation

Wipe the surface of the floor a couple of times using rags to remove water, debris and so on. It’s essential to be thorough here as the condition of the surface affects the adhesion of the shower pan. Besides that, depending on the shower, you may want to apply a few layers of water sealant onto the surface. If you decide to go forward with the application of sealant, give the layer a bit of time to dry.

Step 2: Position the shower pan

Put the shower pan on the floor of shower so its drain cut-out lines up with the drain pipe. Your goal is to get the shower pan of yours to fit snugly, not too tight and not too loose. If your shower pan fits too tight, there is a chance that it would buckle. On the other hand, if your shower pan fits too loose, the odds of water seepage in use should spike. Last but not least, you must level the shower pan with a combination of carpenter’s level and wood shims.

Step 3: Secure the shower pan

Place screws just above the lip of the shower pan and drive them through but don’t over-tighten as that may lead to cracks. Now and then, use the carpenter’s level to see whether the tightening throws the shower pan out of alignment and make adjustments if necessary.

Step 4: Seal the shower pan 

To prevent water from causing damages, apply water sealant all along your shower pan but always keep the amount moderate. Try to wipe the excesses before they dry but if you come across them after they dry, get a putty and knife and start peeling.

How long would shower pans last?

A lot of factors affect the lifespan of shower pans for residence but with proper care, most products should hold together for a long time. About KBRS, its products could last up to decades which is why longevity is something that people mention while discussing “KBRS shower pan problems review”.

Where can I pick up residential shower pans?

You should be able to grab all sorts of residential shower pans by visiting stores that deal in shower systems. Don’t have the time for that at the moment? Then you could order your shower pans from online retailers such as Amazon, eBay and so on.


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