SOLVED: Behr Sculptor Clay Vs. Revere Pewter (BM): Which Paint Should You Use?

A wide range of brands make paints for residence nowadays but regarding quality, products from Behr and Benjamin Moore (BM) don’t have many competitors. Formulated from the ground up with performance in mind, paints made by both brands rarely fail to please modern homeowners. Naturally, owing to the fame of Behr and BM, people pit their products against each other during talks about paints. One of the comparisons that tend to show up in such talks is Behr Sculptor Clay vs. Revere Pewter (BM).

A Summary Of The Paints 

Sculptor Clay PPU5-8 | Behr Paint Colors

So you have a hard time choosing between Behr Sculptor Clay and Revere Pewter (BM)? Then you should spare some of your time and take a look at this article. Down below, you could find all the information that you must know about the paints to make a wise investment.

Behr And Benjamin Moore: Rundowns 

Behr: Thanks to the attention to optimization, Behr is able to make paints that last for years with minimal maintenance. Additionally, Behr paints come in a multitude of colors so matching them to interior themes is a piece of cake. Because of that, homeowners that care about the way their households present themselves think highly of products made by Behr. It’s worth pointing out that Behr backs all of its paints with warranties so people have something to count on when things turn south.

Benjamin Moore: With a long history of operation, Benjamin Moore knows what must be done to put together paints that meet the demands of homeowners. Needless to say, paints of BM prove popular among those that desire no-nonsense products. BM also releases its products at reasonable prices that meet all sorts of shopping budgets. That is a big plus if you cannot spend big bucks but still want to pick up paints of quality.

An Analysis Of The Paints 

Behr Sculptor Clay (PPU5-8)

Ease of application: Unlike some of its competitors on the market nowadays, Behr Sculptor Clay is compatible with an assortment of tools. Hence, modern homeowners should be able to apply PPU5-8 using whatever they have on hand.

Odorless: During and after application, the paint made by Behr could keep a low profile once it comes to smell. Unsurprisingly, Sculptor Clay (PPU5-8) earns a shower of praise from people who happen to have a sensitive sense of smell.

Quick-drying: Compared to the average paints, PPU5-8 dries in a blink of an eye. In the case that you have a tight schedule and lack the time for draw-out paint application, the paint from Behr is for you.

BM Revere Pewter (HC-172)

Versatile: Capable of creating a warm atmosphere, the paint of Benjamin Moore adapts well to various rooms in regular residences. From the kitchen to the bedroom, HC-172 supplement the themes and add a nice touch. As a result, in terms of versatility, plenty of people consider Revere Pewter to be the winner in Behr Sculptor Clay vs. Revere Pewter (BM).

Economical: Reaching the market at a price that everyone could accept, Revere Pewter is well-received by cost-conscious homeowners. Want to give your house a new look but your wallet is kind of tight? Then it’s suggested that you use the BM paint.

Low-maintenance: When application concludes, Revere Pewter requires just a bit of care from homeowners. Thus, if you wish to optimize the aesthetics of your house without spending much time on paint coating maintenance, you won’t regret using HC-172.

Choosing Between Behr Sculptor Clay And Revere Pewter (BM): Hints 

Benjamin Moore's HC-172 Revere Pewter | Colorize - Colorize Inc.

With different people having different preferences, most homeowners disagree on the one that comes out on top in Behr Sculptor Clay vs. Revere Pewter (BM). Still, if you like to get your money’s worth, you should check out the pieces of advice down below

  • Get a read on the color: grab a white poster board, paint it using the chosen paint and test out the suitability of the color. That is going to help you avoid emptying your wallet for cans of paint that don’t match your house.
  • Give the application some thought: Have nothing to do at the moment and you could take your time painting your house from start to finish? If that is the case, feel free to use whatever paint that you see fit. However, if you happen to be in a hurry, go for Behr Sculptor Clay.
  • Take the scale into account: For small-scale projects, there is no need to worry about the differences in prices of Behr and BM paints. That being said, if you have a lot of surfaces to cover, use HC-172 and save a couple of bucks.


Know Your Neutrals | Colorfully BEHR

What is the shelf life of paints?

Generally speaking, quite a few factors affect the lifespan of paints from formula to storage. On average, in unopened containers, paints should remain usable for years to come but they may go bad within several months once exposed to air. Signs of bad paints include sour smell, goopy consistency, etc.

Could I use paints that have been frozen?

It’s possible to thaw frozen paints and reuse them assuming that they don’t exhibit signs of bad paints. Nonetheless, it’s essential to do whatever you can to prevent your paints from being frozen in the first place.

How many coats of paint should I apply for a good finish? 

The number of coats to apply changes from case to case but it’s strongly recommended that you apply at least two coats of paint. In order to get the best result, wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second coat. You could also apply a layer of primer to maximize the adhesion of the coats.

Is it a good idea to hire professional painters?

Assuming that you have the right tools and skills, you could paint your house on your own with relative ease. However, if you lack confidence, contact professional painters and let them handle the application. While that is going to cost you, you could rest assured knowing that the interior of your house is in good hands.


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