SOLVED: Bradford White Water Heater Vs. Rheem Water Heater: Insights

The water heater used to be a luxury but nowadays, it’s by all accounts a necessity for those who live in cold areas. At the moment, homeowners have access to water heaters from quite a few brands but many put their faith in Bradford White and Rheem. Versatile and flexible, models from both brands perform well in various situations which makes them good additions to most households. Still, once it comes to Bradford White water heater vs. Rheem water heater, different people have different opinions about the winner.

A Summary Of The Brands

Heard great things about Bradford White and Rheem but cannot decide which one to get your water heater from? Then it’s suggested that you take a look at this article. Down below is all the information that you must keep in mind about both brands of water heaters.

Bradford White And Rheem: Overviews 

  • Bradford White: As a long-established band with plenty of experience, Bradford White knows how to design water heaters that satisfy the requirements of homeowners. At the moment, Bradford White is producing models of variable types (gas, electric, tankless, …) so a couple of choices exist for every setting. Additionally, thanks to the emphasis on convenience, water heaters made by Bradford White need little attention from the outside in use. Because of that, with Bradford White models, homeowners would be able to spend more time enjoying hot showers and less time managing their water heater.
  • Rheem: Owing to the attention on optimization, Rheem is capable of creating high-quality water heaters that last a long time. Needless to say, people who don’t have a lot of opportunities to pick up water heater replacements hold Rheem models in high esteem. Besides that, the no-nonsense setup process of water heaters from Rheem means it’s a breeze to install them. If you seek water heaters that you could set up on your own, keep an eye out for Rheem models.

A Comparison Of Water Heaters Of The Brands 

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Assuming that homeowners don’t take things to the extreme, water heaters from Bradford White and Rheem could work for years to come. Still, it’s worth pointing out that Bradford White models tend to be thinner than their Rheem counterparts. The reason for that is manufacturing cost as Bradford White prefers to keep its models affordable to the public. As a result, in terms of durability, many people deem Rheem to be the one that comes out on top in Bradford White water heater vs. Rheem water heater.


The efficiency of a water heater influences its running expense which is why people must pay special attention to it. In the course of operation, Bradford White water heaters don’t need much to deliver a supply of hot water to people. On the other hand, some of the Rheem models require a large amount of energy to heat up water. Hence, in terms of efficiency, homeowners rate water heaters from Bradford White above those of Rheem.


All in all, to set up water heaters for residences, homeowners need to have a number of skills and tools. Of course, people always have the option of leaving everything to professionals if they happen to lack confidence. However, in most of the cases, the installation of Rheem water heaters involves less time and effort than that of Bradford White models. Unsurprisingly, various reviews of water heaters think of Rheem as the winner in Bradford White water heater vs. Rheem water heater.


Water heaters of Bradford White and Rheem should stay in working order if they receive minimal maintenance. Thus, in the case that you hate managing maintenance-intensive stuff, you could get your water heater from either Bradford White or Rheem. That being said, it’s a good idea to give the owner’s manual of models in your shortlist a look in advance. By doing so, you would get a general idea about what to expect regarding the maintenance of water heaters.


Available across the price points, Bradford White and Rheem models meet the shopping budget of the majority of homeowners. Nonetheless, on average, water heaters made by Rheem cost slightly less than the amount that people must pay for Bradford White ones. In the case that you have money to spend, feel free to select whichever brand you like. Otherwise, it’s strongly recommended that you stick to models from Rheem to save a couple of bucks.

Chart-Topping Bradford White And Rheem Models 

Rheem 50 Gallon Natural Gas Water Heater-PROG50S-40NRH61

The differences in preferences mean there is consensus among homeowners about water heaters of Bradford White and Rheem. Still, if you want to get your money’s worth, you should check out these models.

Bradford White

  • Residential RG2F50S6N: Engineered from the ground up with a focus on economic operation, Residential RG2F50S6N outperforms many of its contemporaries in terms of efficiency. Naturally, the Bradford White model is popular among those who desire solid water heaters with reasonable running expenses. In addition, Residential RG2F50S6N incorporates a heating system that keeps the temperature of water consistent. Last but not least, thanks to a vapor sensor, the water heater of Bradford White guarantees an excellent level of safety.
  • Infiniti RTG-K-160-N1: Being a tankless model, Infiniti RTG-K-160-N1 only starts heating when people need hot water and that decreases the running expense. Also, since the water heater of Bradford White integrates a digital control, applying adjustment to temperature is a walk in the park. The adjustment ranges from 100 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit which is adequate for most modern homeowners. It’s noteworthy that the scale-reduction technology of Bradford White Infiniti RTG-K-160-N1 led to a long service life as well.
  • Commander UCG-80H-125-3N: Dependable and reliable, Commander UCG-80H-125-3N rarely let people down in the course of operation. Owing to the direct spark ignition, the Bradford White water heater is able to deliver hot water in a wide range of conditions. Moreover, designed with a sanitizing capability, Commander UCG-80H-125-3N keeps things clean without outside intervention. That is a big plus if you don’t have the patience to keep watch over your water heater all day long.


  • Marathon MR50245: The inclusion of polybutene in the tank of Marathon MR50245 results in outstanding resistance against corrosion. Consequently, the water heater made by Marathon seldom develops rust as time passes by and that is advantageous. One interesting thing about MR50245 is that its outer shell makes use of polyethylene so there is no need to worry about dents, scratches, … The insulation of Marathon MR50245 also minimizes heat loss as well, hence, its power consumption is low.
  • Residential RTEX-13: Featuring external digital thermostatic control with built-in LED display, Residential RTEX-13 facilitates the supervision of temperature. In addition to that, since RTEX-13 possesses an adjustment increment of one degree Fahrenheit, it’s simple to reach the optimal temperature. That is why the water heater from RTEX-13 earns a shower of praises from today’s homeowners. Finally, as it boasts a fantastic energy efficiency, Residential RTEX-13 reduces wastage in use.
  • Rheem Gladiator XE50M12CS55U1: Designed for hands-free voice control, Rheem Gladiator XE50M12CS55U1 permits remote temperature adjustments. Furthermore, the water heater from Rheem contains an auto-shutoff valve that is capable of limiting leaks. As a result, with Gladiator XE50M12CS55U1, water damage is less of an issue for most of the time. Lastly, Rheem Gladiator XE50M12CS55U1 is self-cleaning so people don’t need to do much to keep it in top shape.

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