SOLVED: Brock PaverBase Pros And Cons: Compilation

Once it comes to building patio pavers in modern residences, the paver base is one of the factors that require special attention from homeowners nowadays. Able to influence a multitude of characteristics from stability to longevity, the paver base could make or break patio pavers. At the moment, all sorts of products exist on the market but in terms of utility, not many may match the capabilities of Brock PaverBase. That being said, different people often have different preferences so it’s wise to grasp Brock PaverBase pros and cons before reaching the final decision.

A Summary Of Performance Of Brock PaverBase

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Heard great things about Brock PaverBase but still like to get more information about it? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article would tell you everything that you must keep in mind about the pros and cons of Brock PaverBase.


  • Setup process is brief: To cover a 100-foot patio paver, you only need to use around 20 panels of Brock PaverBase. Naturally, the time it takes to position tens of panels is not as long as the application of cement and several tons of rock base.
  • Less labor: Thin and light, Brock PaverBase panels have outstanding portability which means you don’t have to worry about straining your back during installation. In addition, there is no need to dig too deep to set up Brock PaverBase. Usually, 3 inches is more than enough for Brock PaverBase panels.
  • Minimal damages to landscape: Overall, the setup of Brock PaverBase panels seldom involves the use of heavy-duty excavating equipment. Want to keep damages to the landscape to the minimum? Then you won’t regret using Brock PaverBase panels for patio paver of your house.
  • Insulation: Thanks to the incorporation of polypropylene, Brock PaverBase could provide tip-top insulation in a wide range of conditions. Hence, with Brock PaverBase panels forming the foundation of your paction pavers, you should be able to reduce the odds of cracking, soil shifting, etc.
  • Cost-saving: Brock PaverBase helps people cut down the material and labor that they must use for the paver base. Because of that, most homeowners who have a tight shopping budget hold Brock PaverBase panels in high esteem.


  • Mediocre weight capacity: Brock PaverBase is designed for light-duty use so its weight capacity is not exactly impressive. As a result, Brock PaverBase proves particularly well-suited for patio pavers that only people use. In the case that our patio pavers see vehicle traffic from time to time, you should consider using other products.
  • Surface needs to be level: So as to ensure that Brock PaverBase panels lay down and line up properly, homeowners have to level the surface underneath. Depending on the terrain, the process of leveling the surface may take quite a bit of time to wrap up.
  • Inconsistencies in lifespan: A lot of factors affect the lifespan of Brock PaverBase in use. That is why the longevity of Brock PaverBase panels tends to change from between cases.

Installing Brock PaverBase: Step-By-Step Instructions 

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Knowing Brock PaverBase pros and cons would allow you to have a general idea about what to expect from Brock PaverBase panels. Still, to get the most out of the panels, you need to set them up the right way.

  • Step 1: Get a hold of a plate compactor to stamp the soil.
  • Step 2: Next, lay down the landscape fabric. For your information, the landscape fabric is there to keep the sand from mixing with the soil. You should stick to non-woven cloths as woven ones restrict drainage and trap water under the patio pavers.
  • Step 3: Pour in the sand. It’s imperative to use all-purpose sand instead of sandbox sand. Moreover, you should keep the depth of the sand layer around 0.75 inches. Last but not least, screed the sand to create an even surface.
  • Step 4: Set up Brock PaverBase panels. For optimal stability, you have to arrange the panels in a brick-like pattern. Once it comes to trimming the edges, it’s a good idea to use a utility knife. Finally, fill the gaps with sand.
  • Step 5: Grab a hand tamp and tamp the area to get the sand to fall into place. Afterward, your paver base should be ready.


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How long do patio pavers last?

Plenty of factors from weather to maintenance affect the lifespan of patio pavers in use but most last for decades. There is a chance that you have to replace certain parts of your patio pavers from time to time though.

Is it possible to repair damaged patio pavers?

Generally speaking, when patio pavers sustain damages, the only viable course of action is immediate replacement. Get your toolbox, put on personal protective equipment and proceed to remove damaged parts. Next, add sand, set up the new pavers and tamp them until they sit securely.

What should I do to keep my patio pavers in top shape?

All in all, patio pavers need little care so you don’t have to spend too much time on maintenance. That being said, it’s a good idea to clean patio pavers annually using a stable broom and paver cleaner. Furthermore, since weed may shift pavers apart as time passes by, you must apply some granular weed preventers in between the pavers on occasions. Lastly, reseal the pavers once every five years to preserve the physical barrier and prevent elements from compromising the structural integrity.

How long do I have to wait before using patio pavers?

Following installation, it’s strongly recommended that you wait for a day before walking on your patio pavers. In the case that you plan to drive vehicles over your patio pavers, play it safe and wait for a week. Like to test out your patio pavers but want to be sure? Then don’t hesitate to call a professional to drop by and check out your patio pavers.

Where could I buy patio pavers?

You should be able to choose from an assortment of patio pavers by visiting home improvement stores. Also, you always have the option of ordering your patio pavers via online retailers. Nonetheless, if you want to get your patio pavers from online retailers, it’s suggested that you stick to well-known names like Amazon, eBay and so on.


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