SOLVED: Cast Iron Shower Pan Vs. Acrylic: Rundowns

From supporting the weight of people to directing the flow of water toward the drain, the shower pan is responsible for quite a few tasks. Hence, in order to optimize the showering experience, homeowners have to pay special attention to the shower pan including its material while installing their shower. The shower pan of modern showers incorporates various materials but regarding utility, not many could overcome cast iron and acrylic. Needless to say, cast iron shower pan vs. acrylic is the topic of numerous discussions among those that desire a good time in the shower

An Analysis Of The Materials 

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You have a hard time deciding between cast iron and acrylic for your shower pan? In that case, this article is exactly what you need. Down below is everything you must keep in mind regarding the materials of the shower pan including pros and cons.

Cast Iron And Acrylic: Overviews 

Cast Iron: Prior to the introduction of composite, cast iron was the standard material for the shower pans of showers. Despite the age of cast iron, an assortment of shower pans for households nowadays still feature it owing to a combination of durability and affordability. In addition, possessing layers of enamel coating that result in a high shine, cast iron shower pans could match countless shower themes with relative ease. A number of shower pans made from cast iron even use recycled iron which makes them environmentally friendly as well.

Acrylic: While it indeed resembles glass, acrylic is far less likely to shatter in use so it’s a fantastic choice for the shower pan. With their lightweight construction, most acrylic shower pans require mere moments to position and install. As a result, once it comes to handling characteristics, acrylic is the one that comes out on top in cast iron shower pan vs. acrylic. Moreover, when shower pans made from acrylic get dirty over time, homeowners usually don’t need to do much work to restore the original look.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Materials

Cast Iron


  • Resilient: Able to handle abuse day after day without failing, cast iron is one of the toughest materials that today’s shower pans could integrate. If you pick up a cast iron shower pan, it may be decades before you have to find a replacement.
  • No leak: Compared to other materials used by modern shower pans, cast iron rarely cracks by so the odds of leakage tend to be low. That is by all accounts a big plus if you don’t want water to run all over the place.
  • Heat retention: Cast iron holds heat well and that helps a lot when people wish to take a hot shower when the weather gets cold. You have to put up with low temperatures from time to time in your area? Then it’s strongly recommended that you go for a cast iron shower pan.


  • Weight: Cast iron is kind of heavy so to move a cast iron shower pan into their shower, homeowners must spend a bit of effort. Also, it’s important to think about the floor so the heavyweight shower pan won’t damage it after installation concludes.
  • Corrosion: In use, with the enamel coating, cast iron shower pan won’t come into contact with water. That being said, if your shower pan loses its coating, it’s going to become rusty soon.



  • Maintenance is child’s play: Acrylic would stay in top shape with only basic care so there is no need to provide it with a unique treatment. With an acrylic shower pan, you could spend more time enjoying your shower and less time worrying about pan maintenance.
  • Adaptability: As it’s a breeze to heat and mold acrylic, acrylic shower pans come in all shapes and sizes. Because of that, shower pans made from acrylic usually have an easy time matching the layout of many household showers.
  • Ease of installation: Being lighter than its contemporaries, acrylic is essentially a breeze to manipulate. That means setting up shower pans that utilize acrylic is a walk in the park.


  • Expensive: On average, acrylic costs a bit more than cast iron so if you plan to grab acrylic shower pans, give your wallet some thought.
  • Vulnerable to damages: Though acrylic is not fragile by any means, it cannot withstand a lot of hardship without reinforcements. That is why for settings that need something strong, multiple people agree that the winner in cast iron shower pan vs. acrylic is cast iron.

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Choosing Between Cast Iron And Acrylic: Hints 

Generally speaking, with different applications having different requirements, there is no such thing as the best material for shower pans. Nonetheless, if you like to make a wise investment, you should check out these recommendations

  • Consider the locations of showers: If the distance from your shower to the door of your house is short, you could select whatever material you want for the shower pan. On the other hand, if the shower is nowhere near the door, it’s suggested that you keep an eye out for acrylic shower pans.
  • Think about the replacement interval: You don’t have the time and patience to replace the shower pan of your shower on a regular basis? If that is the case, you must stick to shower pans made from cast iron.
  • Take personal liking into account: After all, it’s your shower pan so you should keep your preferences in mind while assessing market models. For instance, if you happen to be an eco-conscious homeowner, prioritize models that use cast iron.

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Is it hard to install shower pans?

You don’t have to be an expert to set up a shower pan in your shower and everything you need is in your toolbox. Still, you could always hire others to take care of the installation in your stead.

Could I repair damaged shower pans?

In the case that your shower pan sustains minor damages, it’s possible to carry out repairs using widely available epoxy kits, paints, sandpapers, etc. Still, if you inspect the damages and notice signs that indicate compromised structural integrity, just buy a new shower pan.

Where should I get my shower pan?

Stores that deal in bathroom furniture often carry shower pans of variable designs, dimensions, materials,…  Also, you could order a lot of things via online retailers nowadays and shower pan is not an exception. However, to stay on the safe side, go for reputable names like Amazon, eBay and others.

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