Denatured Alcohol Vs. Mineral Spirits: Which Solvent Is Best For You?

In woodworking, cleaning the surface of the wood requires special attention as it affects the final appearance of the projects.  Nowadays, woodworkers have access to a lot of solvents but few could match the performance of denatured alcohol and mineral spirits. Effective and efficient, these solvents would bring out the beauty of the wood which …

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Benjamin Moore Advance Vs. Sherwin Williams Proclassic: A Homeowner’s Guide

Generally speaking, with so many products available, people don’t have to worry about running out of options once it comes to cabinet paints nowadays. That being said, regarding quality, two names show up from time to time during talks between modern homeowners: Benjamin Moore Advance and Sherwin Williams Proclassic. Aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting, both paints …

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Behr Sculptor Clay Vs. Revere Pewter (BM): Which Paint Should You Use?

A wide range of brands make paints for residence nowadays but regarding quality, products from Behr and Benjamin Moore (BM) don’t have many competitors. Formulated from the ground up with performance in mind, paints made by both brands rarely fail to please modern homeowners. Naturally, owing to the fame of Behr and BM, people pit …

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