SOLVED: City Pickers Vs. Earthbox: Which One Is For You?

Easy to use and simple to manipulate, pre-built planting boxes earn a shower of praise from those who enjoy gardening. At the moment, with numerous brands competing on the market, people may pick up all sorts of planting boxes. That being said, once it comes to all-around performance, few could match products of City Pickers and Earthbox. Unsurprisingly, since planting boxes of these brands usually receive excellent scores from reviews, one topic piques the curiosity of many homeowners: City Pickers vs. Earthbox.

Insights Into The Brands

Have a hard time choosing between City Pickers and Earthbox for your planting boxes? If that happens to be the case then this article is for you. Down below is a summary that contains everything you must keep in mind about both brands as well as their products.

City Pickers and Earthbox: Overviews 

  • City Pickers: Developed by EmscoGroup, City Pickers is a brand of planting boxes that could match most gardening demands. Versatile and flexible, City Pickers products adapt to a wide range of situations with relative ease. Also, when the need arises, people should be able to relocate plantain boxes from City Pickers in a blink of an eye. Last but not least, reaching the market at reasonable prices, products of City Pickers suit the shopping budget of the average homeowners.
  • Earthbox: As all-included products, planting boxes of Earthbox show up in a ready-to-use state which is a big plus. Moreover, it’s worth pointing out that besides planting boxes, Earthbox releases a lot of accessories for its products too. Because of that, with planting boxes from Earthbox, creating the ideal gardening setup for particular settings is a walk in the park. Finally, featuring large space, Earthbox products would accommodate various plants at the same time without much difficulty.

A Comparison Of Planing Boxes Of The Brands 

City PickersEarthbox


Generally speaking, while the space available for planting changes between boxes, products of City Pickers and Earthbox pack enough space for usual plants. Still, on average, those from City Pickers tend to provide a bit more space than their Earthbox counterparts. Naturally, people who care about the space they could use to grow plants regard City Picker as the winner in City Pickers vs. Earthbox. The depth of planting boxes from Earthbox proves well-suited for plants with long roots though.


Both City Pickers and Earthbox offer quite a few accessories for their planting boxes but they don’t use the same method of delivery. In the case of City Pickers, people have to grab the accessories that they order separately and handle the installation by themselves. On the contrary, upon request, Earthbox would equip planting boxes with accessories that homeowners desire then sell them altogether. Needless to say, owing to the way that Earthbox delivers accessories, many rate it above City Picker.


All in all, planting boxes from City Pickers and Earthbox score similarly in terms of usage. Incorporating polyethylene plastic into the construction, products from the brands deal with elements in the outdoors well. In addition to that, City Pickers and Earthbox planting boxes could water plants on their own using the integral water reservoir. Hence, people don’t have to worry about watering the plants every day and that is advantageous by all accounts.


Between City Pickers and Earthbox, Earthbox is the one that comes out on top regarding guidance. Using the Earthbox website, homeowners that have Earthbox planting boxes would be able to access product details, planting instructions, tips and tricks, etc. The same cannot be said about City Pickers so people with City Pickers plating boxes need to search around for guidance. Interestingly, the similarities between products of City Pickers and Earthbox means it’s possible to apply knowledge of Earthbox painting boxes on City Pickers ones.


Despite irregular changes in price, planting boxes from City Pickers costs less than those of Earthbox. For gardening up setups with only a couple of boxes, people may skip the price gap while choosing the brand. However, it’s noteworthy that as the number of boxes rises, the expense of the setups increases accordingly. Thus, cost-conscious homeowners that intend to build large gardens in their houses hold City Pickers products in high esteem.

Chart-Topping City Pickers and Earthbox Planting Boxes 

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Considering the fact that different people have different preferences, opinions about City Pickers vs. Earthbox vary from person to person. Nonetheless, if you like to get your money’s worth, it’s strongly recommended that you check out the following models.

City Pickers

  • EmscoGroup City Pickers 3340: Being twice as big as standard planting boxes, EmscoGroup City Pickers 3340 could support many plants simultaneously. Thanks to the integration of caster wheels, the mobility of the City Pickers 3340  remains outstanding in spite of its size. Furthermore, equipped with a self-contained soil system, mulch cover and so on, the planting box from EmscoGroup excels at inhibiting the growth of weeds. As a result, with EmscoGroup City Pickers 3340, homeowners don’t have to do much to prevent weeds from stealing nutrients.
  • EmscoGroup City Pickers Spud Tub 2351: Seek a planting box that allows you to grow potatoes on your patio? Then there is a good chance that you would come to like EmscoGroup City Pickers Spud Tub 2351. Possessing a high capacity, City Pickers Spud Tub 2351 permits you to grow multiple potatoes per harvest. Additionally, when it’s time to harvest the potatoes, you just need to tip the planting box from EmscoGroup instead of digging into the dirt.
  • Emsco Group City Pickers 2345: Slim and sleek, Emsco Group City Pickers 2345 is a great match for residencies that don’t have a lot of space to spare. Packing an aeration screen that increases the availability of oxygen to plants, the planting box of Emsco Group encourages growth. City Pickers 2345 also carry water reservoirs with overflow holes so the risk of overwatering is low. Lastly, since Emsco Group City Pickers 2345 comes at a price that everyone could accept, squeezing into the spending plan is child’s play.


  • EarthBox 80101: While it looks kind of plain, EarthBox 80101 is a solid painting box that rarely lets people down in use. Owing to a combination of an overflow drain and wicking chambres, 80101 optimizes the delivery of water to the roots of plants. Besides that, on arrival, the planting box of EarthBox is accompanied by an assortment of accessories: mulch covers, caster wheels, aeration screen, etc. Therefore, the process of adapting  EarthBox 80101 to specific requirements involves minimal time and effort.
  • EarthBox Junior Garden 80601.01: Dependable and reliable, EarthBox Junior Garden 80601.01 gives a good account of itself in quite a few arrangements. Designed with a small footprint, the EarthBox planting box fits most corners of modern households so finding a spot for it is a breeze. Moreover, one interesting thing about Junior Garden 80601.01 is that it comes alongside a planting chart. That is why those with little experience in gardening think highly of EarthBox Junior Garden 80601.01.
  • EarthBox 81705: So you need high planting boxes that could support deep-rooted plants? In that case, you have to take a look at EarthBox 81705. Thanks to its heights, 81705 is capable of handling carrots, parsnips, rutabagas and similar plants with relative ease. In addition, when you pick up the planting box of EarthBox, you would receive various accessories from aeration screen to mulch covers. That means you may use EarthBox 81705 as soon as it leaves the packaging.


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How do I choose soil for my planting boxes?

Different plants tend to have different characteristics so the choice of soil changes from time to time. Presently, you could buy bags of growing medium optimized for certain plants but for usual use, stick to peat-based products. Of course, you always have the option of mixing your own soils for the planting boxes. You have to be thorough while choosing the components because low-quality soils increase the risk of weeds, insects and so on.

Can I adjust the amount of water that reaches the plants? 

Planting boxes with built-in water reservoirs from City Pickers and Earthbox water plants by themselves. Hence, there is no way to overwater plants and it’s only possible to reduce the watering by letting the reservoirs run dry.

What would happen if I grow too many plants?

For planting boxes to yield good crops, it’s essential to space the plants. If you squeeze too many plants into your planting boxes, their growth inevitably experiences a multitude of issues.


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