SOLVED: Clorox 2 Vs. Oxiclean: Which One Is The Superior Product?

Unsightly and disagreeable, stains on the clothes weigh heavily on the mind of many modern homeowners as they do their laundry. Luckily, people nowadays have access to tip-top stain removers like Clorox 2 and Oxiclean. Capable of getting rid of various stains in mere moments, both products receive compliments from those that want to keep their clothes in good shape. However, while Clorox 2 and Oxiclean work equally well in many cases, one thing still piques the curiosity of homeowners: the winner in Clorox 2 vs. Oxiclean.

Overviews Of The Products 

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You have a hard time choosing between Clorox 2 and Oxiclean? In that case, this article is exactly what you need. Down below, you could find all the information that you need to determine the best stain remover for your clothes.

Clorox 2 And Oxiclean: Insights 

Clorox 2: With the ability to remove stains and brighten colors simultaneously, Clorox 2 easily restores the original appearance of clothes in the blink of an eye. In addition to that, Clorox 2 is able to take care of all sorts of loads. As a result, Clorox 2 is the number one choice for no-nonsense homeowners that must wash a lot of clothes. Last but not least, Clorox 2 is simple to handle so everyone can put it to good use anytime and anywhere.

Oxiclean: Being an oxygen-based bleach, Oxiclean possesses the power to reach deep deep into fabric fibers and remove stains. Thanks to the built-in optical brightener, Oxiclean also brings the life out of fading colors which is advantageous. Needless to say, Oxiclean is good at dealing with stained clothes that have seen extensive use. Interestingly, Oxiclean is available in different forms and that means people may choose what suits them most while doing laundry.

A Comparison Of The Products 

  • Similarities

In use, both Clorox 2 and Oxiclean could get rid of a wide range of stains on clothes without requiring preparation. Moreover, the products reach the market in containers with variable quantities so people don’t have to worry about picking up more than they need. Since each of them happen to feature a few variants as well, Clorox 2 and Oxiclean should suit numerous laundry demands. Last but not least, available at reasonable prices, the products match an assortment of shopping budgets of the average homeowners.

  • Differences 

Clorox 2 and Oxiclean would remove stains across washing temperature but the latter only reaches its true potentials in hot water. Hence, Oxiclean is popular among those that live in cold climates and don’t want to come into contact with cold water during laundry day. Besides that, while both products can brighten colors of fabric fibers, Oxiclean tends to work best on light-colored clothes. Meanwhile, Clorox 2 usually excels on clothes that incorporate strong colors.

Making Up Your Mind Between Clorox 2 And Oxiclean: Considerations 

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Nowadays, once it comes to stain removers for clothes, different people often have different preferences. Because of that, there is no such thing as a widely accepted conclusion about the one that comes out on top in Clorox 2 vs. Oxiclean. Still, if you want to make a wise decision, you should check out these issues:

  • Temperature: If you use cold water as you do your laundry, feel free to choose whatever stain remover you like. Nonetheless, in the case that you use hot water in order to stay warm, you won’t regret getting Oxiclean.
  • Color: So your laundry consists of many clothes with light colors and you want to keep them in top condition? Then it’s strongly recommended that you go for Oxiclean. On the other hand, if you have to handle huge loads of strong-colored clothes, Clorox 2 is your best bet.
  • Stains: Clorox 2 and Oxiclean could remove recent stains on clothes with a similar success rate. That being said, once it comes to getting rid of old stains, Clorox 2 is the superior product by all accounts.

Tips And Tricks On Using The Products 

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Clorox 2 and Oxiclean spawn a number of variants with unique characteristics so it’s a good idea to adhere to the instructions on the containers. However, if you seek guidance, spare some time time to read the suggestions down below

For Liquid 

Apply a small amount of stain remover to the stains and rub the fabric gently. Next, let the stain set then proceed to wash the clothes with compatible detergents.

For Powder 

To get the best result with powdered stain removers, it’s necessary to pre-soak. Mix the powders with water and soak the clothes in the mixture for a few hours before washing

For Packet 

Depending on products, there is no need to cut open the packet as they would dissolve upon contact with water. Nonetheless, it’s essential to keep the stain remover containers closed between uses to prevent moisture from reaching the packs. Also, make sure that you only touch the packet with dry hands.


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Do stain removers go bad? 

Most products don’t have expiration dates so they remain usable as time passes by. Still, improper storage may influence the effectiveness of stain removers in the long run which is why people must store products in well-thought locations.

May I mix stain removers?

The formula tends to change from product to product, therefore, it’s widely advised that you avoid mixing stain removers. If you mix stain removers, there could be several unforeseen effects that do more harm than good as you do the laundry.

Is there any rule about the amount of stain remover to use?

Usually, manufacturers of stain removers would put some hints regarding the amount to use on the containers of their products. To facilitate the calculation, the hints often cover measurement techniques that involve cups, packs, spoons and so on.

Where could I grab stain removers?

You should be able to get stain removers from stores that deal in household products. Kind of buddy at the moment and don’t have the time to visit such stores during their working hours ? In that case, you have to think about buying stain removers for your clothes from online retailers. For good measure, stick to well-known names like Amazon, eBay, etc.


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