SOLVED: Dishwasher Brands To Avoid: A Guide For Homeowners

Able to help homeowners save significant time and effort as they do the dishes, dishwashers earn a reputation as a must-have in modern residences. Nowadays, thanks to a saturated market, people could choose between a wide range of dishwashers. That being said, quality varies between brands and while some names make solid dishwashers, others produce less than ideal products. As a result, “dishwasher brands to avoid” is one of the topics that capture the interest of those wanting to get their money’s worth.

Dishwasher Brands With Lackluster Records 

Electrolux dishwasher in Bahrain | Electrolux Fully Integrated Dishwasher

So you wish to get your dishwasher from a reputable brand but don’t know a lot about the market? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article is going to show you a couple of names that you should keep in mind as you search around for a suitable dishwasher.


All in all, once it comes to reliability, Electrolux dishwashers receive some of the lowest scores from today’s reviews. A large number of models from Electrolux require repair within a year of a purchase so keeping them in working order is kind of expensive. In addition to that, due to the noisy operation, dishwashers made by Electrolux disturb people in the vicinity. Naturally, whenever homeowners talk about dishwasher brands to avoid, there is a good chance that Electrolux would come up now and then.


During discussions about residential dishwashers available for purchase, JennAir products receive mixed opinions: some praise them while others regard them to be mediocre at best. Still, if you like to stay on the safe side, you should stay away from the dishwashers of JennAir altogether. With one-third of JennAir’s customers reporting problems after getting their appliance, the brand is having difficulties with quality control that must be fixed. Moreover, the post-purchase support of JennAir is not exactly helpful which is a source of frustration for the customers.

Fisher & Paykel

Despite coming to the market at premium prices, dishwashers for households made by Fisher & Paykel don’t have premium reliability. As many as 30% of units that Fisher & Paykel sold experience difficulties and require servicing less than twelve months following purchase. Aside from that, to add insult to injury, Fisher & Paykel provide replacement components for its appliances at a steep cost. Hence, unless you have plenty of money to spend, it’s suggested that you include Fisher & Paykel into your list of dishwasher brands to avoid.


Bosch is by all accounts one of the leading names in the appliance industry but its dishwashers still leave a lot to be desired. Based on a study, more than one-third of dishwashers that Bosch sold need to be repaired within a year to stay up and running. That means if you happen to be a Bosch fan and like to get your dishwasher from it, set aside a budget for the repair. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to skip over models of Bosch on the market.


In most of the cases, Miele dishwashers give a good account of themselves compared to models from the above names. However, about 20% of units made by Miele must be serviced in their first year of service and that raises concerns. The majority of dishwashers from Miele have long lifespans though so years would pass before you have to find replacements. If you don’t have many opportunities to pick up dishwashers and could spend some money on repairs, models of Miele should suit you well.

Renowned Brands Of Dishwashers Nowadays 

Countertop dishwasher sale: Save on this tried-and-true hOmeLabs model

After familiarizing yourself with dishwasher brands to avoid, there is a very good chance that you would want to know a few credible names too. Take a look at the brands below if you wish to make a wise investment.


Owing to the attention to utility, dishwashers from hOmeLabs work well in a wide range of settings with relative ease. That is why adapting hOmeLabs units to the average residences is a walk in the park and the setup process takes mere moments to complete. Additionally, in the course of operation, hOmeLabs only consume a small amount of power and that is a big plus. If you like to add a dishwasher to your place without having to deal with spikes in the utility bills, just go for hOmeLabs products.


By constantly optimizing the design of its products, Thermador is capable of making robust dishwashers that last a long time. Available at reasonable prices, models made by Thermador also suit the shopping budget of most homeowners around the globe too. Needless to say, dishwashers from Thermador receive a shower of praises from those that cannot spend big bucks on appliances. Last but not least, with no-nonsense maintenance, Thermador products don’t require special care in order to remain operational.


As a long-established brand that places an emphasis on innovations, Whirlpool is the number one choice for modern homeowners. Loaded with everything people need in dishwashers, Whirlpool units rarely let people down in use. Furthermore, the customer service of Whirlpool consists of well-trained staff that could offer professional assistance in times of need. In the case that you seek peace of mind, Whirlpool is going to be your best bet at the moment.

Getting The Best Dishwashers: Tips And Tricks 

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  • Take loading capacity into account: In layman’s terms, the loading capacity of a dishwasher dictates how many dishes it could hold per washing cycle. To make the right call, it’s important to think about the number of dishes that you have to do. If you only have to wash a couple of dirty dishes, feel free to settle for standard models on the market. On the other hand, if huge loads of dishes await you day after day, stick to high-capacity dishwashers.
  • Give the controls some thought: The last thing you want to do is to pick up complex appliances that don’t work as you like. In order to avoid headaches, you should take a close look at the control layout of models in your shortlist.
  • Consider water and electricity consumption: As they wash the dishes inside them, dishwashers would consume water and electricity which lead to changes in utility bills. Because of that, if you wish to keep living expenses under control then you must think about water and electricity consumption while shopping for dishwashers.


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