SOLVED! - Dunn-Edwards Vs. Sherwin-Williams: Which One Comes Out On Top?

Quite a few factors affect the aesthetics of a house but in terms of influence, paint is second to none. All things considered, the choice of paint could either improve the appearance of a household or turn a well-designed residence into a subpar one. Nowadays, the paint market contains products from a wide range of brands so modern homeowners don’t have to worry about running out of options. However, regarding quality, Dunn-Edwards and Sherwin-Williams stand out from others which is why Dunn-Edwards vs. Sherwin-Williams is a hotly debated topic.

An Analysis Of The Brands 

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You want to give your dwelling a solid coat of paint but cannot choose between Dunn-Edwards and Sherwin-Williams? If that is the case then this article may be able to help you out. Down below is all the information that you should keep in mind about the brands as well as their products

Dunn-Edwards And Sherwin-Williams: Rundowns 

Dunn-Edwards: Established in the mid-1920s, Dunn-Edwards is one of the leading brands of paint at the moment. Thanks to the optimized formulas, paints made by Dunn-Edwards could provide long-lasting layers of protection to applied surfaces. Therefore, if you use Dunn-Edwards products while painting your house, it’s going to be years before you have to think about repainting it. In addition to that, Dunn-Edwards introduces paints across the price points so regardless of your shopping budget, you always have a number of choices.

Sherwin-Williams: With a lot of experience in making paints, Sherwin-Williams knows what must be done in order to meet the requirements of homeowners. Needless to say, Sherwin-Williams paints receive compliments from people that seek no-nonsense products. Moreover, as it possesses an expansive network of retailers, Sherwin-Williams is able to deliver paint to customers in just a blink of an eye. That is by all accounts a big plus if you happen to need to paint your house in a hurry.

A Summary Of Products Of The Brands 

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Resistance: Capable of handling temperature fluctuations, Dunn-Edwards paints perform well in an assortment of weather conditions, hot and cold. Also, products of Dunn-Edwards would remain uncompromised even if exposed to sunlight, rainwater and so on day after day. Thus, with proper application, Dunn-Edwards paints should extend the painting interval of households considerably. Of course, the walls benefit from the resistance of the paints from Dunn-Edwards too.

Health: Formulated with a low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content,  Dunn-Edwards paints ensure that people never experience allergic reactions, respiratory issues, … following application. Unsurprisingly, products of Dunn-Edwards tend to be popular among homeowners that care about health.

Application: Boasting forgiving characteristics, Dunn-Edwards paints don’t require professional-level skills and tools once it comes to application. Usually, people could apply products from  Dunn-Edwards by themselves using brushes, rollers, etc,


Availability: With its retailers spreading across the country, Sherwin-Williams is able to provide homeowners with all sorts of paints in a timely manner. In the case that they come across troubles, people can also require assistance from the network of retailers of Sherwin-Williams.

Maintenance: Owing to the use of advanced resin technologies, Sherwin-Williams paints have an easy time resisting peeling, blistering, cracking, … Hence, homeowners don’t have to do much to keep walls covered in paints from  Sherwin-Williams in top shape.

Variety: For each of its products, Sherwin-Williams offers a multitude of color options to fit particular themes of residence. Because of that, Sherwin-Williams paints could adapt to countless households nowadays with relative ease.

Choosing Between Dunn-Edwards And Sherwin-Williams: Recommendations 

With different people having different preferences, it’s impossible to reach a conclusion about Dunn-Edwards vs. Sherwin-Williams without giving individual liking some thought. That being said, if you to get your money’s worth, check out these hints

  • Take schedule into account: If you don’t have to deal with time restrictions then you could get your paint from whatever brand you like. However, if you have to stick to a schedule, you need to go for the brand that could ship you paint as quickly as possible.
  • Think about the scale: Between products of the same class, paints from Dunn-Edwards and Sherwin-Williams often have minor differences in the price tag. Still, as the scale of projects increases, Dunn-Edwards is the one that comes out on top in Dunn-Edwards vs. Sherwin-Williams regarding expense.
  • Keep the house in mind: The color collection of Dunn-Edwards paints is more than enough for the average residence. Still, once it comes to matching certain interior/exterior walls, products Sherwin-Williams prove superior.


Sherwin-Williams to buy Valspar in $11.3 billion acquisition | Fortune

Should I use paint primers while painting?

In layman’s terms, paint primers facilitate the adhering of paints to the surfaces underneath. If you want to optimize the result of your painting projects, it’s a good idea to apply a layer of paint primer in advance. Both  Dunn-Edwards and Sherwin-Williams sell purpose-design paint primers for their respective paints.

How long does it take paint to dry?

The drying of paints tends to change from case to case as factors come into play but most estimates range from four to eight hours. Also, if you intend to apply multiple layers of paints, you must consider waiting at least a day between applications.

What is the best way to clean painted walls?

To avoid compromising the paint layers, it’s strongly recommended that you stick to water as you clean painted walls. Have trouble removing some stains? Then mix in just a bit of baking soda and your walls should go back to the way they look. Aside from that, unless the manufacturer of your paint specifically specifies, you have to steer clear of cleaning solutions.

Do paints have an expiration date?

Generally speaking, in ideal storage conditions, paints in unopened containers would remain usable for decades. However, once exposed to air, paints may go bad in a short period of time. As a result, when you open a can of paint, it’s best to put together a plan to use all of it up and leave nothing behind. For most of the time, you could keep wastage to the minimum by buying paint in small quantities.

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