SOLVED: Elongated Vs. Round Toilet: Which One Suits You Most?

To be able to answer the call of nature in peace is one of the things that could affect the quality of life of homeowners. Therefore, during renovations of the bathroom, the toilet receives a lot of attention from those that desire comfort as they take care of their business. Today’s market contains all sorts of toilets but most people tend to be split between elongated and round toilets. While both types of toilets give a good account of themselves in use, elongated vs. round toilet remain the topic of countless discussions and debates.

Overviews Of The Toilets 

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So you have a hard time bringing yourself to choose between elongated and round toilets? Then it’s suggested that you drop everything and take a look at this article. Down below is everything that you must keep in mind to determine the best type of toilets for your household.

Elongated And Round Toilets: Breakdowns 

Elongated toilets: Featuring a long shape, elongated toilets provide a comfortable fit for the rear end of people in a wide range of settings. Besides that, unlike round toilets, there is no need to perch while using elongated toilets so homeowners could relax a little. Elongated toilets have high weight capacities too which let them support people of variable builds. On the downside, elongated toilets require a large amount of space for installation and that causes issues in small bathrooms.

Round toilets: Designed with a compact construction, round toilets can squeeze into tight spots with relative ease. That is a big plus when homeowners don’t have a lot of space in the bathroom but still wish to set up a toilet. In addition, as they happen to reach the market across the price points, round toilets nowadays match numerous shopping budgets. By picking up round toilets, homeowners may save a couple of bucks for other needs.

A Comparison Of The Toilets 


To a number of adults, elongated toilet is the winner in elongated vs. round toilet once it comes to comfort owing to generous sitting space. However, it’s noteworthy that if kids must use an elongated toilet, they often have to resort to an awkward far-forward sitting posture. The result of such a posture is increased odds of wastes landing on the slope of the bowl instead of below the waterline. Because of that, it’s a good idea to take children into account before reaching the final decision.


Modern toilets incorporate quite a few features but elongated toilet is the type that offers the best varieties: dual flush, touchless control, smart seat heater, … You currently search the market for something that could keep up with your needs year-round? Then it’s strongly recommended that you keep an eye out for elongated toilets.

Ease Of Cleaning 

Compared to elongated toilets, round toilets have many crevices near the underside of the bowl. That means homeowners usually have to spend significant time and effort to clean round toilets. In the case of elongated toilets, most people would be able to insert brushes into the toilet bowl and move them around without a hitch. Needless to say, elongated toilets prove popular among those that don’t want to lose half a day every time they clean their toilets.


It’s true that elongated toilets pack a terrific level of comfort but they also occupy considerable space inside bathrooms. As a result, elongated toilets tend to be poor choices for bathrooms with little space. If you feel that your bathroom is cramped enough as it is, prioritize round toilets.


Nowadays, people could pick up an assortment of elongated toilets from entry-level models to high-end designs and the same applies to round toilets. That being said, on average, elongated toilets cost a bit more than their round counterparts. Therefore, regarding affordability, round toilet is the one that comes out on top in elongated vs. round toilet.

How To Choose Between Elongated And Round Toilets

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Generally speaking, the properties of elongated and round toilets allow one style to overcome the other in particular circumstances. Nonetheless, if you like to come up with a wise decision, it’s widely advised that you check out these hints

Give the bathroom some thought: You have a lot of space to spare in the bathroom of your house? Then you could proceed to set up whatever toilet you like. On the other hand, if your bathroom is kind of small, stick to round toilets.

Take your family into account: If everyone in your family happens to be adults, you can’t go wrong with elongated toilets. Still, in the case that your family includes several young members, it’s a good idea to grab at least one round toilet.

Think about the shopping budget: Today’s market carries various quality toilets that come at reasonable prices. However, if you have to deal with a multitude of expenses at the moment, you should go for round toilets.


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Is it possible to replace round toilets with elongated toilets and vice versa? 

Usually, you could use round toilets as replacements for elongated toilets but if it’s the other way around, take some measurements before doing anything. Elongated toilets take up more space than round toilets so you must pay special attention to space. The last thing you want to do is to spend big bucks on a tip-top elongated toilet that your bathroom is incapable of accommodating.

Could I install a toilet on my own? 

With the right skills and tools, you should have no difficulty setting up your toilet by yourself. Of course, if you don’t have the confidence, feel free to hire someone to take care of the installation in your stead.

What is the lifespan of household toilets? 

Countless factors affect the longevity of toilets for residences but your toilet would last well over a decade with proper care. It’s worth pointing out that as time passes by, you still have to replace a couple of components.

Do I have to keep an eye out for certain brands? 

The brand of a toilet rarely dictates its values so there is no need to worry too much about brand. That being said, if you care about reputability, you should get your toilet from Kohler, Woodbridge, Niagara, ToTo, American Standard, …

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