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For homeowners that wish to stay comfortable as temperature takes a plunge during wintertime, furnace is one of the must-have appliances in modern residences. Designed from the ground up to provide heat, furnaces could keep rooms warm, heat up water and so on which prove important in cold weather. Nowadays, a wide range of manufacturers build furnaces so there is no need to worry about running out of options. That being said, since quality is inconsistent, it’s key to have a firm grasp on furnace brands to avoid before reaching the final decision.

Names That Don’t Command Trust 

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You happen to be new to furnaces and like to steer clear of brands with less than stellar operating records? In that case, you have to come to the right place. This article would introduce you to a couple of names that you must remember while shopping for residential furnaces.


For your information, Buderus is a brand of furnaces that dedicate most of its time and effort to budget models.  Though Buderus models match the shopping budgets of homeowners, their quality leaves a lot to be desired by all accounts. A multitude of people claimed that the furnaces Buderus sold to them broke down just a short time after purchase. In addition, to add salt to injury, the customer service of Buderus is kind of unresponsive so filing a warranty claim is a tedious task.


Similar to Buderus, Burnham releases its furnaces to the market at low prices and the “you get what you pay for” rule applies here too. Quite a few users of furnaces made by Burnham complained that their appliances required repair within several years following purchase. Furthermore, the cost of repair is steep as well which is why homeowners need to set aside money for the maintenance of their Burnham furnaces. If you want to cut down spendings then you should include Burnham into your list of furnace brands to avoid.


While furnaces of Ducane don’t score anywhere as low as those from Buderus and Burnham, they remain risky investments. Reports of random breakdowns of Ducane furnaces show up from time to time and that suggests mediocre reliability in use. Additionally, furnaces made by Ducane have a disturbing noise level so people with sensitive hearing don’t like using them. The only thing that works in the favor of Ducane is the manufacturer warranty but it’s of little comfort.


Due to the high failure rates in the course of operation, York furnaces require repair at least once a year. Therefore, furnaces from York seldom impress cost-conscious people that place consistency above all else. Aside from that, York seems to neglect its post-purchase support too which leads to hardly adequate customer service. To save yourself plenty of headaches in the future, it’s strongly recommended that you make the effort to steer clear of furnaces made by York.


Furnaces from ArcoAir indeed have outstanding affordability but an assortment of issues negate that advantage. For instance, ArcoAir furnaces tend to experience sporadic interruptions and that is a big no-no when temperature drops low. Moreover, furnaces of ArcoAir have poor efficiency compared to that of their contemporaries on the market so their presence causes spikes in the utility bills. Because of that, unless you have money to spend in wintertime, you should consider skipping over furnaces made by ArcoAir.

Reputable Brands Of Furnaces: Rundowns 

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All in all, knowing furnace brands to avoid should help you save a bit of time as you assess models. Nonetheless, in the case that you want to get your money’s worth, you must keep an eye out for furnaces from the following names


Recognized as one of the leading brands of appliances for temperature regulation, Trane is the number one choice for those who seek solid surfaces. Loaded with lots of features, Trane furnaces rarely let homeowners down which is a big plus. In addition, furnaces made by Trane reach the market across the price points so people have a number of options regardless of the shopping budget. If your wallet is kind of tight but you still want to pick up something of value, Trane is your best bet at the moment.


Thanks to the attention to utility, Ruud as well as its furnaces receive a shower of praise from homeowners nowadays. In the course of operation, furnaces made by Ruud could adapt to all sorts of situations without requiring much attention. That is why with Ruud furnaces around, people may spend more time enjoying themselves and less time managing their furnaces. Last but not least, upon purchase, furnaces from Ruud come alongside warranties that cover defects and bring peace of mind.

American Standard

By investing heavily in the modernization of production techniques, American Standard is capable of keeping its furnaces competitive over time. Needless to say, furnaces of American Standard prove popular among people that have few opportunities to pick up appliance replacements. Besides that, as they happen to be economical models, American Standard furnaces suit the wallet of the average homeowners. That means you don’t have to cut back your expenses in order to afford a furnace made by American Standard.

How To Buy The Best Furnace

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  • Take BTU rating into account: In case you don’t know, BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and people use it to measure the amount of heat that furnaces generate. As the BTU rating increases, the heat output of furnaces in use would rise accordingly. If winter in your place is mild then feel free to settle for standard models. On the other hand, if you have to face below freezing temperatures in wintertime, prioritize furnaces with high BTU ratings.
  • Keep size and weight in mind: Essentially, the size of furnaces decides the space that they occupy which is why you should think about it. Also, you need to consider weight as well since it influences the process of moving the furnace into position. You would be able to determine size and weight of a model by reading its owner’s manual. Get in touch with the manufacturer of the furnaces immediately if you have questions about size and weight.
  • Give consumption rate some thought: To generate heat, furnaces require gas, oil, electricity and alike. Because of that, to get the best furnace for your house, you need to take consumption rate into account. The last thing you want to do is to get models with excessive consumption rates that exhaust your resources during winter.  The owner’s manual of furnaces contains information about consumption rates but to be safe, check out customer reviews.
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