SOLVED: Honeywell “Cool On” Flashing: Rundowns

As a brand that prioritizes its customers, Honeywell designs all of its products with intuitive in mind and its line of thermostats is no exception. Simple to install and easy to use, Honeywell thermostats give a good account of themselves in a lot of households. That being said, like their contemporaries, thermostats made by Honeywell still act up from time to time and flashing “Cool On” is the prime example. Owing to its effect on temperature regulation, Honeywell “Cool On” flashing is one of most frustrating issues that customers of the American brand may experience.

An Analysis Of The Flashing “Cool On” 

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Instead of turning on the air conditioner, your Honeywell thermostat keeps flashing “Cool On” and you don’t know why? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article could tell you everything that you must know regarding the flashing “Cool On” on thermostats made by Honeywell.

“Cool On” Flashing: Overviews 

In layman’s terms, when “Cool On” begins to flash on the thermostats, it means that air conditioners have started. However, in order to keep the compressor from coming on and off too fast, there would be a short delay before cool air flows out. Hence, the flashing “Cool On” is an indication that your A/C is operational but you have to wait a bit to feel the coolness. Usually, the delay lasts around five minutes so cool air should fill the room in a blink of an eye.

All in all, in normal operation, there is no cause for concern once it comes to Honeywell “Cool On” flashing.

How To Troubleshoot The Flashing “Cool On”

Five minutes have passed but  “Cool On” is still flashing on your Honeywell thermostat and the temperature remains the same? Then there is a very good chance that you have a problem on your hand. In the case that you need guidance, take a look at the steps down below

Step 1: Check out the mode

If “Cool On” only starts flashing on your thermostat following a power outage, you may want to examine the mode. Power outages could send thermostats into the setup mode and make “Cool On” flash repeatedly. The moment you get your thermostat out of setup mode, things would return to normal.

Step 2: Assess the batteries 

Numerous Honeywell thermostats run on batteries and when their batteries approach depletion, they have a hard time working as designed. Thus, you need to take the batteries into account while analyzing Honeywell “Cool On” flashing. Look for the “ Battery Low” indicator on the display of your thermostat and assuming that it shows up, replace the batteries as soon as possible. Today’s thermostats use an assortment of batteries yet it’s best to stick to ones that the owner’s manual of your thermostat suggests.

Step 3: Reset the thermostat 

In spite of its simplicity, the “turn it off and on again” fix works well against troubles on a wide range of electronics including thermostats. Different models have different procedures but you would be able to find the restart option by messing around the menu. It’s worth pointing out that after a reset, your Honeywell thermostat is going to feature the default factory configuration. Thus, it’s strongly recommended that you write down your thermostat settings if you cannot remember them on your own.

Step 4: Inspect the air conditioner

All seems well with your thermostats yet you still fail to get your A/C to put out cool air? In that case, your air conditioner may be the one at fault here and you must give it a look. For instance, as time passes by, a number of components of your A/C would loosen and interfere with performance. In addition to that, dust should accumulate at particular locations inside air conditioners and proceed to obstruct the flow of cool air if left unaddressed.

Step 5: Call in the professionals

After you have resorted to everything in the book but there is no sign of improvement, it’s time to let the professionals take over. It’s ill-advised to do anything besides the above without having a grasp on the situation as that can cause more harm than good. In the worst-case scenario, you could sustain injuries, damage your A/C, void the warranty and so on. While hiring professionals incurs several expenses, it’s going to save you a lot of hassles.


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How long do thermostats last?

Generally speaking, quite a few factors affect the lifespan of thermostats in the course of operation from usage to maintenance. On average, thermostats last for a decade before homeowners need to look for their replacements.

What should I do to keep my thermostat in top shape?

Owing to the self-contained nature of modern thermostats on the market, people don’t have to do much to keep them in working order. Overall, your thermostat is going to stay operational for years to come if you clean it on a regular basis. Additionally, it’s a good idea to scan your thermostat from time to time to ensure that all of its components remain in good condition.

Is there any way to tell whether a thermostat is bad?

Similar to other electronics, thermostats may go haywire on occasions but you must think about picking up a new unit if you notice these signs

-Unresponsive controls

-Inaccurate temperature readings

-Fade in and fade out symbols

…and others

You don’t have to be an expert to replace a thermostat and you should have everything in your toolbox. That being said, you always have the option of hiring someone to take care of the replacement in your stead.

Where could I buy thermostats?

By paying a visit to the local home improvement stores, you would be able to grab thermostats with relative ease. In the case that you don’t have the time on hand to do so, feel free to get your thermostats from an online retailer. Amazon, eBay and so on carry all sorts of thermostats that you can use for air conditioners in your house.

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