SOLVED: How To Attach A Ledger Board To A House For A Patio Cover: Breakdowns

Different homeowners have different preferences but the consensus is that it’s nice to have outdoor spaces like patios around. Being able to relax on the patios after a long day would have positive effects on the body and mind of people. Still, due to exposure to elements, patios require patio covers to stay in top shape and the setup of patio covers usually involve ledger boards. Thus, those that care about their patios must learn how to attach a ledger board to a house for a patio cover.

A Summary Of The Installation Of Ledger Boards

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Plan to install a number of ledger boards for patio cover but don’t know what needs to be done. If that happens to be the case, this article could help you out. Down below is an in-depth guide on the setup of ledger boards for patio covers.


  • Take height into account: In layman’s terms, the height of the ledger boards determines the height of the patio cover. To deduce the ideal height of your ledger boards, it’s strongly recommended that you consider the elements. For instance, if you live in an area that snows from time to time, you should install the ledger boards as high as possible. On the other hand, if you don’t have specific concerns regarding elements, feel free to settle for the minimum height.
  • Give style some thought: Overall, homeowners can choose between two styles once it comes to the position of ledger boards: over the roof and under the roof. It’s a good idea to use the height of ledger boards as references to decide the best style for your ledger boards.
  • Gather tools, gears, materials, etc: To install ledger boards, you need to have a saw, a ladder, screws, … In addition to that, for your own well-being, grab a pair of goggles, gloves and so on. About materials, it’s suggested that you stock up on pressure-treated lumber.
  • Apply for a permit: Regulations change between locations but you likely have to apply for a permit before setting up ledger boards. Don’t do anything until you get the permit to avoid getting into trouble with the law.


  • Step 1: Move ladder into position 

Set up your ladder on level ground to ensure optimal stability as you attach the ledger boards. Also, articles that talk about how to attach a ledger board to a house for a patio cover stress the importance of circumventing slippery spots. Depending on the situation, you may want to spend a couple of moments prepping the ground prior to the deployment of ladder. It’s essential to be careful to reduce the odds of injuries.

  • Step 2: Process the installation site 

Before attaching the ledger boards to the house framing, you should process the installation site. All you need is some water in order to wash away the loose paint, dirt, splinters, … It’s widely advised that you take the opportunity to inspect the integrity of framing one last time as well. Sometimes, framing issues can interfere with the setup of ledger boards if left unaddressed.

  • Step 3: Attach the ledger boards

Place the ledger boards against the framing, level them and drive screws through the wood to hold everything in place. You could use an assortment of screws but for good measure, stick to lag screws here. Besides that, to prevent water damage, it’s essential to apply waterproofing membrane into any spaces left between the ledger boards and the framing. If you want to be thorough about the water barrier of your ledger boards, set up some flashing too as they excel at keeping water out.

Maintenance Of Ledger Boards: Suggestions 

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All in all, knowing how to attach a ledger board to a house for a patio cover allows you to keep your patios in good condition. However, if you fail to look after the ledger boards, it’s only a matter of time before they collapse onto the patios.

  • Set up an inspection schedule: Ledger boards come into contact with elements day after day so they may develop quite a few troubles. Because of that, you have to check up on the ledger boards periodically to detect signs of problems and take appropriate measures.
  • Replace damaged materials at once: To put it plainly, damaged materials could compromise the integrity of the entire structure. Therefore, if you wish to get the most out of your ledger boards, keep an eye out for rotted wood, rusted screws and nails, etc. Don’t hesitate to ask for professional opinions as you replace damaged materials in your ledger boards. Sometimes, the pros would even help you identify issues that you have overlooked.
  • Remember to re-apply waterproofing membrane: If applied correctly, waterproofing membranes should hold together for a long time. Nonetheless, to stay on the safe side, you need to consider re-applying waterproofing membranes on your ledger boards to preserve their water barrier.


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How much do I have to pay for a professional installation of ledger boards? 

The cost for professional installation of ledger boards changes between cases but you have to pay around $1,000 for a simple project. If the project involves complicated procedures such as the removal of parts of the roof, the cost would go up to $5,000. Hence, assuming that you have what it takes to install the ledger board, do it by yourself instead of hiring the pros. Of course, if you lack confidence and don’t want to mess up the framing, contact a qualified contractor.

Could ledger boards pose a risk to the house? 

If you manage to have your ledger boards installed properly, you have nothing to worry about. Still, it’s worth pointing out that poorly installed ledger boards may cause the framing to go out of alignment. That is why you must stay focused as you set up the ledger boards to stop trouble from happening in the future. In several arrangements, it’s wise to let the pros handle the installation of ledger boards.

What is the lifespan of ledger boards? 

Numerous factors influence the lifespan of ledger boards: heat, moisture, sunlight, … If you don’t push your ledger boards to the extreme, they could last for years to come. There is a good chance that you have to replace materials once in a while though.


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