SOLVED: How To Deal With A Large Gap Between Baseboard And Floor

All in all, as time passes by, quite a few imperfections could pop up inside households including gaps. For most of the time, small gaps in the interior won’t give people too many headaches. However, if there is a large gap between baseboard and floor, a wide range of issues may occur from loss of insulation to insect invasion Unsurprisingly, homeowners that happen to come across such a gap in their house all want to address it as soon as possible.

An Analysis Of Interior Gaps 

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Have a hard time finding the fix for a large gap that forms between the baseboard and the floor of your house? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article can tell you everything you must keep in mind about interior gaps from why they appear to how to deal with them.


The average houses would develop a multitude of problems over the years but regarding interior gaps, you should give these possibilities some thought

  • Time: As home ages, their joints start to sink but it’s worth pointing out that the sink rate is not the same. Hence, it’s not uncommon for baseboard and floor to sink unevenly which leads to the creation of gaps.
  • Construction: Generally speaking, if baseboard and floor receive adequate attention during construction, the odds of gaps forming tend to be low. Still, if the contractor cuts corners, there is a good chance that gaps may emerge here and there.
  • Damages: If you fail to look after your house, water can make its way into the interior and inflict various damages in the process. In a number of cases, water damages alter the dimensions of baseboard and floor resulting in gaps between them.


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If you lack confidence, it’s suggested that you get in touch with contractors and let them handle the gaps in your stead. Nonetheless, if you have the right skills and tools, you should be able to tackle a large gap between baseboard and floor by yourself.

Fill The Gap With Caulk

When it comes to filling gaps in the interior, caulk is by all accounts one of the top choices. Nowadays, you could get your hands on caulk by dropping by stores that sell home improvement products. While filling the gap with caulk, it’s essential to wear protective equipment like facemask, gloves and goggles to be on the safe side. In addition to that, don’t go overboard with the caulk as that is going to create aesthetic troubles.

Attach Moldings

You care about the look of your interior and desire a measure that preserves it? Then you won’t regret using moldings to seal the gaps inside your house. An assortment of moldings exist but you should stick to quarter round and shoe moldings for the best result. Once you glue them in, the moldings can cover gaps between baseboard and floor with relative ease.

Install Insulation

Gaps compromise insulation of households which is why it’s wise to use insulation material to address gaps. Weatherstrips work well but feel free to use foam if you have some lying around the house. That being said, like caulk, you need to equip yourself properly if you elect to use foam for your gap-filling project. The last thing you want to experience is to come down with illnesses after working around insulation foam without protective equipment.

Replace The Baseboard 

In times of need, it requires effort and money to adjust the floor but setting up a new baseboard is a piece of cake. Therefore, when there is a large gap between baseboard and floor, you must consider replacing the baseboard. Get a hold of a putty knife, pry away the original baseboard and install a slightly bigger one to seal the gap. Assuming that you manage to glue in the new baseboard, you would be able to hide the gap from view for a streamlined interior.

Resort To Purpose-Design Products 

In the case that the size of the gap is too big, you should think about using purpose-designed products to handle it. For instance, InstaTrim is a versatile trim that you could use to cover gaps of variable sizes in a matter of moments. Usually, products like InstaTrim need little care following installation so you don’t have to spend much time on their maintenance. Furthermore, InstaTrim and its contemporaries reach the market at affordable cost which means squeezing them into the spending plan is child’s play.


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What kind of gaps require filling?

Modern homeowners have all sorts of ideas about how much of a gap is acceptable in today’s residence. However, if the gap is longer than the width of a quarter ( 0.069 inches), it’s strongly recommended that you fill it. For your information, gaps in the interior grow over time so you need to fix large gaps before problems manifest. The time you invest into filling the gaps would save you a lot of hassles in the future.

May I apply new caulk over old caulk?

It’s ok to apply new caulk over old caulk assuming that the latter is in good condition. It’s widely advised that you use the same caulk for the re-application to avoid unwanted chemical reactions. Still, if the old caulk seems to sustain damages, remove it and then apply the new caulk to achieve a tight seal.

Is it wise to use grout instead of caulk to fill gaps?

In layman’s terms, grout and baseboards don’t mix well as grout can compromise the integrity of hardwood. As a result, while filling gaps between baseboard and floor, it’s best to use caulk. Grout should be best used for tiling.

Could I use paint to protect the baseboards?

It’s common knowledge that baseboards must deal with bangs and bumps on a daily basis. By covering baseboards in the right paint with the right finish, you should be able to extend their lifespan. You may use whatever paint that suits you but if possible, prioritize ones with semi-gloss finish for long-lasting protection.


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