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Able to help cut down the time it takes to do the laundry, washer-dryer combos earn a shower of praise from today’s homeowners. To get the most out of washer-dryer combos, people only need to connect them to washer and dryer hookups. Still, it’s worth pointing out that a number of houses don’t have hookups that washer-dryer combos need. Unsurprisingly, the question of how to hook up a washer and dryer without hookups attracts special attention from those planning to grab washer-dryer combos.

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So you intend to add a washer-dryer combo into your household but fail to find necessary hookups for it? Then it’s suggested that you spare some time to give this article a look. Down below is everything that you must know about the way to hook up a washer and dryer without hookups.

Step 1: Preparations 

In the beginning, choose two outlets on separate breakers to power your washer-dryer combo. It’s worth pointing out that you need a voltage of 240V in order to keep it up and running. Next, measure the distance between the outlet and the back of your washer-dryer combo. By doing so, you could determine the length of the power cord that you require.

Step 2: Wire Plugs To Washer-Dryer 

Get three wires of three colors (white, green and black), cut through the insulation and expose the copper. Twist the copper of the black and green wires then insert them into the plug with the gold screw. Consequently, insert the copper of the white wire into the plug with the silver screw. Remember that you need to cut to fit each power cord.

Afterward, pop open the panel behind the washer-dryer combo to expose the electrical connections. Proceed to make connections but plug the other ends to minimize the odds of shock.

Step 3: Set Up Connection To Water 

Detach the hot water connection from the back of the washer-dryer combo and plug it in using a cap. Following that, connect the cold water connection to a water hose and hook up the water hose to the faucet.

Step 4: Build Contraption For Faucet 

Connect the cut to fit pipe to a T then plug the side you don’t use with a cap to stop water leaks. After that, you have to hook up one thread PVC hose to the bottom of the T and secure the connection using hose clamps. Finally, wrap a non-stretchable rope around the kitchen faucet to prevent the connection from coming undone.

Step 5: Build Connector For Drain 

Attach the existing drain tube to a coupler and secure the connection to address the risk of leakage. Besides that, you have to connect each end of the drain pipe to a coupler. Next, connect the nipple connector, clamp the hose and use PVC glue to keep water from leaking out of coupler connections.

Step 6: Make Arrangements For Exhaust 

Direct the exhaust from your washer-dryer combo to a nearby window using pieces of plexiglass. You may fill the gaps with towels but to be thorough, you should turn off the appliance as soon as possible.

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Overall, knowing how to hook up a washer and dryer without hookups should let you use your washer-dryer combo in locations that lack hookups. That being said, if you want to get your money’s worth, you have to check out these hints

Balance The Loads 

Instead of stuffing clothes into the tub of your washer-dryer combo, it’s a good idea to take your time spreading out the load. On average, washer-dryer combos need less time and power to deal with balanced loads than that of unbalanced ones. Thus, by keeping the loads balanced, you not only speed up the process of doing laundry but also reduce the strain that your appliance experiences as time passes by. That is by all accounts a big plus if you happen to be a busy homeowner with few opportunities to buy new appliances.

Clean The Tub Periodically

Over time, all sorts of things could enter the tub of washer-dryer combos and create a wide range of issues. Because of that, to keep your appliance in working order, you must clean it from time to time. A combination of water and vinegar is more than enough in most of the cases but feel free to use cleaning solutions. Following cleaning, it’s strongly recommended that you keep the lid open for a short amount of time to accelerate the drying of the tub.

Use Enough Detergent 

Plenty of people have a habit of adding a bit too much detergent into their washer-dryer combos “just to be on the safe side”. Nonetheless, when the amount of detergent passes through a certain level, the performance of washer-dryer combos would drop instead of increasing. As a result, you should use detergent moderately to achieve optimal cleaning effectiveness. Take a look at the owner’s manual of your appliance for suggestions and then work out your own amount.

Keep The Appliance Level

Generally speaking, washer-dryer combos have a hard time doing their job if people set them up on uneven grounds. In case you don’t know, poorly balanced washer-dryer combos usually vibrate more than normal which impair various operations. That is why you need to do everything you can to keep your appliance level in the course of operation. Feel free to make adjustments to the feet of the unit in order to compensate for slopes on the grounds.

Clean The Lint Filter 

As the name suggests, the lint filter is there to collect lint falling out from the clothes during spin cycles. Assuming that you clean the lint filter every now and then, the lint filter should be able to smoothen the operation of the appliances. On the other hand, if you ignore the lint filter, lints would soon make their way around the tub unchecked. In that scenario, it’s only a matter of time before your clothes begin to suffer from the floating lint inside the tub.

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