SOLVED! - How To Open A Stack-On Safe Without A Key: Suggestions

Nowadays, once it comes to safes, homeowners could choose from a wide range of brands but few names offer deals as good as Stack-On. Optimized for security, safes made by Stack-On let people protect what they value around the clock with relative ease. That being said, owners of Stack-On safes may still experience difficulties caused by subjective issues and the loss of keys is a prime example. Naturally, among those that put their faith in Stack-On safes, how to open a Stack-On safe without a key is an interesting topic.

A Guide To Opening Stack-On Safes Without Keys 

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Need to get something out of your safe fast but unable to locate the key? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article can show you a couple of ways to open Stack-On safes even if you lose the key.

Call A Locksmith

Your Stack-On safe is brand new and you don’t like to risk damaging it which void the manufacturer warranty? Then calling a locksmith is your best bet by all accounts. Assuming that the locksmith you call possesses the right skills and the right tools, he should know how to open a Stack-On safe without a key. However, for good measure, it’s strongly recommended that you stick to those that have a license.

If things proceed well, your Stack-On safe is going to pop open before long and allow access to its contents. Feel free to use the opportunity to ask the locksmith to make another safe key for you.

Pry The Safe

If you fail to get in touch with a locksmith and must take matters into your own hands, you need to consider prying the safe. For your information, most brands don’t build their safes to be airtight so as to relieve some of the pressure in use. As a result, your safe potentially features a hollow space that you could use to pry it open. Of course, after you open your safe by prying, the locking mechanism would sustain extensive damages.

In the case that you decide to go with the prying, relocate your safe to an open area in advance. Prying involves a lot of force and the last thing you want to do is to damage other valuables while working on the safe.

Hammer The Locking Mechanism 

By hammering the locking mechanisms of your Stack-On safe, you can loosen it and that leads to the release of the anchor. The moment the anchor that holds the locking bar is out of the picture, you should be able to open your safe. Keep in mind that similar to the prying method, your safe is going to become unusable if you hammer its locking mechanism times and again. Therefore, think it through prior to using the hammer to solve the problem with your safe

Drill The Lock

During talks about how to open a Stack-On safe without a key, people regard drilling the lock as destructive but the damage is manageable. Also, regarding the odds of getting the safe to open, the drilling method yields good statistics.

If you elect to drill the lock of your safe, prepare purpose-design drill bits to go through the hard plate steel. In addition to that, depending on the model, you must deal with insulations. Usually, you only need to drill one hole to hit the lock of the safe and open it. Afterward, you have the option of filling the hole with tapered pins to restore the level of security of your safe.

Scoop The Lock 

Overall, you need to know a bit about lock combinations to scoop locks but in exchange, you don’t have to worry about damage. The idea is simple: insert a borescope into the lock body, use it to inactive the lock combination and the safe would open. Since the scooping method is a tried-and-true process, it’s widely advised that you be patient. It’s worth pointing out that the lock body of a number of safes is incapable of accommodating the borescope which renders scooping impossible.


You could use a magnet to open a Stack-On safe without a key but that magnet needs to be an earth magnet (Neodymium). Plenty of DIY stores and online retailers sell earth magnets nowadays so you should have an easy time picking up one.

Wrap your magnet in a piece of cloth, move it around the lock of your safe and locate the solenoid. Once you nail the solenoid, you just need a few moments to neutralize the locking mechanism and open the safe. Compared to other methods, magnet permits homeowners to eliminate the risk of damage as they open safes without keys. Nonetheless, due to the effects of earth magnets on electronics, it’s essential that people store them away from televisions, computers, etc.


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  • How long do the batteries of Stack-On safes last? 

Countless factors affect the battery life of Stack-On safes from frequency of use to quality of batteries. On average, owners of Stack-On safes have to replace the battery of their safes twice a year. Interestingly, Stack-On offers a bi-yearly battery change reminder service via text/email to its customers. If you happen to use your safe regularly, the replacement interval for batteries may be shorter though.

  • Can I buy new backup keys for my Stack-On safe?

For ease of convenience, Stack-On put together an online form for those that wish to buy new backup keys for their safes. If you need another key for your Stack-On safe, you have to fill out the form first. Next, if a key is available for your model, Stack-On is going to contact you about the details. Lastly, you have to pay around $20 for Stack-On to send you the key.

  • Is it wise to store optical discs, tapes and so on inside Stack-On safes?

Stack-On safes could keep temperature in the interior from going above 350 degrees Fahrenheit. However,  optical discs, tapes and similar items tend to be damaged when the temperature exceeds 180° F. Because of that, you should avoid putting media inside your Stack-On safe.

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