SOLVED! - How To Tighten Garbage Disposal Blades: Overviews

Put together to pulverize everything that comes their way, the blades of the garbage disposal play a key role in preventing blockage in the pipes. Usually, the garbage disposal blades require little care in use so homeowners can dedicate their attention to more pressure issues. Nonetheless, over time, the bolt holding the blades may loosen which causes the performance of the garbage disposal to suffer. Hence, it’s tough to get the most out of garbage disposal without knowing how to tighten garbage disposal blades.

A Guide On Tightening The Garbage Disposal Blades 

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Believe that the blades of your garbage disposal could use some tightening but have no idea how to do that? Then this article should be able to help you out. Down below is a list of steps that you must take so as to tighten the blades of the garbage disposal when the need arises.

Step 1: Cut The Power Supply 

Generally speaking, the last thing you want to experience is to get injured as you assess the garbage disposal blades. As a result, in the beginning, it’s strongly recommended that you shut off the circuit breaker in order to sever the flow of electricity.

Step 2: Detach The Garbage Disposal 

Grab a pipe wrench, remove the nut that holds the garbage disposal and detach it from the sink. Keep an eye on the nut since you would need it to re-attach the garbage disposal in the end.

Step 3: Check Out The Blades 

With the garbage disposal out in the open, you could take your time assessing the bolts that hold the garbage disposal blades in place. Depending on the situation, you have to tighten the bolts for the blades to return to normal. It’s widely advised that you use the opportunity to clean the garbage disposal to get rid of debris. By doing so, the performance of the blades is going to be more fluid in the future.

Step 4: Put Back The Garbage Disposal 

Position the garbage disposal under the sink, secure it using the nut and turn on the breaker to get power back on. Finally, reset the garbage disposal to finish the repair.

Replacing The Blades: Last Resort

Even after tightening the screws, the blades of your garbage disposal still fail to work as expected? Then there is a chance your blades have experienced troubles more serious than loose screws and complete replacement is the only solution.

To replace the garbage disposal blades, go through the same steps as above but instead of tightening the bolts, you unscrew them all the way. It’s suggested that you grab a towel to help you maintain your grip while removing the blades. About replacement blades, home improvements stores carry a wide range of models but you should stick to stainless steel ones for longevity. Set up the replacement blades, tighten the bolt and your garbage disposal would be ready to use once again.

Maintenance Of Garbage Disposal: Advice

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All in all, knowing how to tighten garbage disposal blades usually lets you re-optimize the operation of your garbage disposal when its blades loosen. Still, since prevention is better than cure, implement the following measures to preserve the performance of your garbage disposal.

  • Clean the garbage disposal repeatedly: A lot of things accumulate inside the garbage disposal as time passes by which is why you must clean it. To clean a garbage disposal, you only have to pour in dish soap then run cold water for a minute.
  • Run the garbage disposal periodically: “Use it or lose it” is applicable to an assortment of devices and the garbage disposal is not an exception. Even when you don’t need to use your garbage disposal, you should still run it from time to time to prevent problems like corrosion.
  • Be thorough at all times: The garbage disposal is not an all-purpose device that can deal with everything you throw away. With your garbage disposal up and running, you have to avoid grinding hard materials including plastic, metal, paper, etc.
  • Use cold water for food grinding: For your information, cold water helps substances such as oil, grease and so on in the food to solidify. Therefore, to facilitate the grinding of food, it’s best to run cold water as you empty the wastes into the garbage disposal.
  • Keep the water running continuously: While your garbage disposal is in use, it’s wise to allow the water to run until the grinding concludes. Furthermore, in the aftermath of the grinding, deactivate the garbage disposal but keep the water flowing for approximately fifteen seconds.


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How come my garbage disposal keeps rattling? 

Plenty of issues could cause a garbage disposal to rattle in the course of operation. For instance, if the grinder chamber becomes jammed for some reason, the garbage disposal is going to rattle. Besides that, if the grinding plate, motor assembly and other key components fail, the garbage disposal would rattle as well. In any case, if your garbage disposal rattles out of the blue, give it a look to address the source of rattling.

Is there a way to tackle odor from garbage disposal?

To control the smell coming from your garbage disposal, toss an orange into it every now and then. The juice, oil and peel of orange provide a natural scent which stops the garbage disposal from emitting odor into the surrounding.

What is the cost of installing a garbage disposal?

If you have the right tools and skills, you could buy a garbage disposal then install it on your own. Of course, if you lack confidence, feel free to leave the installation to the pros but that is going to cost you. Depending on the complexity of installation, you have to pay between $80 and $720. To get the most out of your money, you may want to compare the quotes to determine the best bargain.

How long do garbage disposals last? 

Numerous factors influence the lifespan of garbage disposals but on average, a model would work for a decade before replacement is necessary. Assuming that you manage to keep up with the maintenance, you don’t have to worry about replacing your garbage disposal for a long time.


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