SOLVED: Kohler Choreograph Vs. Swanstone: Which One Is The Superior Brand?

All in all, during shower times, the surroundings of showers tend to experience the majority of water splashes. Because of that, to prevent water damages inside the bathrooms, homeowners must be wise once it comes to choosing shower wall kits. Nowadays, regarding shower wall kits, people could buy products of many brands but those of Kohler and Swanstone usually provide the best values. Naturally, the popularity of these brands means Kohler Choreograph vs. Swanstone is a common topic in discussions about shower wall kits.

Breakdown Of The Brands 

Kohler Choreograph Vs. Swanstone Showers (Here Are The Differences) – Upgraded Home

Cannot make up your mind as you like both Kohler Choreograph and Swanstone? In that case, you may want to spare some time to check out this article. Down below, you would find all the information about products of Kohler Choreograph and Swanstone.

Kohler Choreograph And Swanstone: Overviews 

  • Kohler : By continuously modernizing its production lines, Kohler is capable of producing solid shower wall kits that last for a long time. In addition to that, since kits in the Choreograph series of Kohler come in all sizes and shapes, they match a wide range of bathrooms. As a result, adapting Kohler Choreograph shower kits is by all accounts a walk in the park. Last but not least, products of Kohler Choreograph reach the market at reasonable prices so there is no need to cut back spendings to get them.
  • Swanstone: As a long-established brand with substantial experience in designing shower wall kits, Swanstone is the brand of choice for many homeowners. Thanks to the emphasis on durability, products of Swanstone seldom get damaged in use which is a big plus. Moreover, with no-nonsense maintenance, shower wall kits from Swanstone hold together well even if it receives little care. Unsurprisingly, Swanstone products earn a shower of praises from homeowners with busy schedules.

An Analysis Of The Brands 

Kohler ChoreographSwanstone



Kohler and Swanstone release shower wall kits in all shapes and sizes so they score equally well in terms of variety. Additionally, Kohler Choreograph and Swanstone offer quite a few optional features for their products. As a result, no matter which brand you choose, you would have access to a multitude of kits for your bathrooms. Still, it’s worth pointing out that Kohler Choreograph delivers more accessory pieces to customers than Swanstone in most of the cases.


Assuming that you have the right tools and skills, you should be able to set up Kohler Choreograph and Swanstone shower kits with relative ease. Normally, a combination of shower adhesive and caulk sealant is all it takes to install products from these brands. That being said, owing to excellent customization, shower kits made by Kohler prove ideal for odd-size showers. On the other hand, the one-piece kits of Swanstone would be great matches for showers with standard dimensions.


If you nail the installation, there is no need to spend much time and effort on the maintenance of shower wall kits from Kohler and Swanstone. Products of both brands would stay in top shape for years to come even if they only receive little care. However, to stay on the safe side, it’s strongly recommended that you give the walls a look from time to time. By doing so, you can detect issues at an early stage then address them before they become serious.


In general, price rises and drops all the time so shower kits of Kohler Choreograph and Swanstone cost different amounts at different periods. Nonetheless, between products of the same range, it’s noteworthy that those from Kohler cost more than their Swanstone counterparts. Depending on the products, the price gap could be as low as dozens of dollars and as high as thousands of dollars. Needless to say, for homeowners that have to work on a tight budget, Swanstone is the winner in Kohler Choreograph vs. Swanstone.


Overall, the warranty of a product serves as an indication of its quality as time passes by so it requires a lot of attention from homeowners. Kohler as well as Swanstone back their shower wall kits with solid manufacturer warranties that cover defects. The warranty period is not the same though: the ones from Kohler Choreograph last for 10 years while the ones from Swanstone last for 30 years. Hence, it’s natural for those who desire peace of mind to rate Swanstone above Choreograph ofKohler.

Choosing Between Kohler Choreograph And Swanstone: A Homeowner’s Guide 

KOHLER K-97631-0 Choreograph 14 Shower Locker Storage White Showers Tools & Home Improvement

The fact that preferences vary from person to person means there is no consensus on Kohler Choreograph vs. Swanstone. Still, if you want to make a wise investment, it’s widely advised that you read these tips and tricks.

  • Think about the shower: To ensure that you pick up a suitable shower wall kit, it’s essential to take the shower into account. For instance, if you own a standard shower, feel free to get your kit from whichever brand you like. However, if your shower is an odd-size one, you have to consider prioritizing kits of Kohler Choreograph. In the case that you have no time for draw-out installation, you may want to stick to products from Swanstone.
  • Keep price in mind: The choice of shower wall kits is going to dictate the expense of bathroom renovation. That is why you have to give price some thought as you assess products on the market. If you can spend big bucks on the shower, it’s a good idea to grab Kohler products. Otherwise, you should go for kits made by Swanstone to save a couple of bucks.
  • Give warranty some thought: If you buy shower wall kits that come alongside solid warranties, you could expect quality assistance when things go wrong. Between Kohler Choreograph and Swanstone, Swanstone is the one that comes out on top regarding warranty. With a coverage length of three decades, the warranty of Swanstone brings much-need reassurances. Nonetheless, the warranty of the Choreograph series from Kohler is not half bad and it still puts people at ease.

How To Install A Shower Wall Kit

Kohler K-97603-G9 Sandbar Choreograph 48" x 96" Shower Wall Panel -

The setup process changes between shower wall kits so you need to check out the owner’s manual once it comes to installation. That being said, if you seek guidelines, it’s suggested that you follow the following steps.

Step 1: Prepare The Shower Walls 

Use a mix of water and soap to remove debris on the shower walls which get in the way of glue adhesion. The moment the walls dry, proceed to scrub them a bit using sandpaper. You should also take the opportunity to fill the cracks on the surfaces of the walls. Last but not least, detach the faucet trim, tub spout, etc.

Step 2: Mark The Panel Positions 

Place the wall panels on the shower walls, determine whether they fit well together on the surface then mark their position. Keep an eye out for corners and edges that don’t fit flush because you have to cut them away. Write down the measurements to calculate the size of areas that you have to cut before cutting through the panels. In the end, scrub the panels along the cut lines for smooth contact.

Step 3: Make Arrangements For Plumbing 

Use the dimensions of faucet valves, shower arms and spout nipples as references while making arrangements for plumbing. The holes must be big enough to accommodate the plumbing but remain small enough for faucet trim, tub spout and so on to cover. To create holes on the wall panels, you should use a combination of drills and hole saws. It’s best to run the drills in reverse to keep chipping to the minimum.

Step 4: Install The Wall Panels 

Apply adhesive to the back of the wall panels, position them on the walls and push them down. To get a snug fit, remember to keep the wall panels overlap for at least ¼ inch. Besides that, you should apply some caulk at spots where the wall panels meet the bathtub rim, the shower pan, … Afterward, wait for everything to dry before moving on to the final step.

Step 5: Seal The Wall Panels 

Once the wall panels settle in, apply caulk all over the perimeters as well as the seams to create a complete barrier. Following the installation of faucet trim, showerhead escutcheon and others, apply one more layer of calk around them. Wait a day for the caulk to dry then you can begin using your shower.


Kohler K-97603-G9 Sandbar Choreograph 48" x 96" Shower Wall Panel -

How long do shower wall panels last?

Various factors influence the lifespan of shower wall panels: material, installation, maintenance, etc. Usually, assuming that you don’t push your panels to the limit, they would last for well over a decade. Still, it’s essential that you inspect your shower all panels on occasions for signs of damages. If left unaddressed, even minor damages may cause significant headaches as time passes by.

What is the best way to repair damaged shower wall panels?

You could always call in the pros to deal with damages on your shower wall panels. However, if you wish to do things on your own, cut away the damaged areas, fabricate patches out of new panels then glue them in. Assuming that you get the dimensions of the patches right, the appearance of shower walls would return to normal. In the case the extent of the damages is extensive, it’s a good idea to replace entire panels.

Where can I buy shower wall panels?

It’s possible to stock up on shower wall panels by paying a visit to home improvement stores. Of course, you should be able to order shower wall panels from online retailers such as Amazon, eBay and so on.


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