SOLVED: Kohler Vs. American Standard: Which One Makes The Best Toilets?

Many things affect the life quality of homeowners but few prove as influential as the ability to answer the call of nature. Unsurprisingly, during home renovation, the choice of toilets attracts a lot of attention from those who want to take care of their business in peace. Nowadays, people can buy toilets from numerous brands but models of Kohler and American Standard stand out from the rest in terms of quality. However, while everyone agrees that both brands make solid toilets, there is no consensus about the winner in Kohler vs. American Standard.

A Comparison Of The Brands 

Kohler vs American Standard Toilets (2021 Comparison)

Have a hard time choosing between Kohler and American Standard for the toilets of your house? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article is going to tell you everything that you must know about the brands as well as their models.

Kohler And American Standard: Overviews 

  • Kohler: Owing to heavy investments in optimization, Kohler is capable of assembling solid toilets that last for years. Needless to say, those who care about longevity usually hold Kohler and its models in high esteem. In addition to that, toilets made by Kohler feature straightforward maintenance that involves just a bit of time and effort. With models from Kohler, people could dedicate their focus to more pressing matters instead of toilet maintenance.
  • American Standard: By taking advantage of the latest innovation, American Standard manages to keep its toilets competitive as time passes by. Moreover, it’s worth pointing out that American Standard models reach the market across price points. As a result, toilets of American Standard match a wide range of shopping budgets of today’s homeowners. Last but not least, upon purchase, models from American Standard come with a warranty that brings peace of mind.

Insights Into Models Of The Brand

KohlerAmerican Standard


All in all, the strength of a toilet determines how well it holds together as time passes by. Thanks to the incorporation of quality materials, toilets made by Kohler and American Standard could ensure everything people throw at them in use. Aside from that, the design of Kohler and American Standard models also minimizes the risk of scratches, dents and so on. Because of that, with toilets from Kohler and American, homeowners don’t have to bother with toilet replacements for years.


There is no need to hire experts to install Kohler and American Standard toilets in most of the cases. As long as homeowners have basic skills and tools, they would be able to get toilets from both brands working in no time. Still, owing to the difference in weight, models of Kohler require a bit less time and effort to set up than those from American Standard. Naturally, regarding installation, people with tight schedules deem Kohler to be the one that comes out on top in Kohler vs. American Standard.


By taking advantage of innovations, Kohler and American Standard manage to optimize the flushing performance of their toilets without sacrificing water efficiency. Nonetheless, several homeowners report that while American Standard needs one flush to remove waste, their Kohler counterparts may need two. The more time people flush the toilet, the higher the water consumption. Because of that, once it comes to saving water, many reviews of toilets rate American Standard above Kohler.


The open nature of toilets made by Kohler and American Standard means their maintenance is a walk in the park. Assuming that people keep cleaning the toilets from time to time, they have nothing to worry about. That being said, on average, the odds of blockage of Kohler models tend to be higher than that of American Standard ones. Between models of the brands, toilets from Kohler leak more frequently too so looking after them is kind of tedious.


Since Kohler and American Standard have models for every shopping budget, people have a number of choices no matter how much money they spend. However, despite sporadic price changes, Kohler toilets cost slightly less than the amount homeowners must pay for models of American Standard. If money is not an issue to you, feel free to get your toilet from whichever brand you like. On the other hand, if your wallet is tight, it’s strongly recommended that you stick to Kohler models.

Best Selling Kohler And American Standard Toilets: Breakdowns

KOHLER Veil White Elongated Standard Height Toilet Bowl in the Toilet Bowls department at

Generally speaking, opinions about Kohler vs. American Standard vary from person to person. Still, in the case that you wish to get your money’s worth, you should keep an eye for these models.


  • Kohler Veil (K-6299): Designed with an elongated bowl, Kohler Veil (K-6299) offers a high level of comfort to people of all ages. Additionally, the Grip-Tight seat of the toilet made by Kohler keeps wobbling to the minimum in the course of operation. Veil (K-6299) also occupies a negligible amount of space in the bathroom thanks to its slim and sleek design. As a result, Kohler Veil (K-6299) proves particularly well-suited for households with small bathrooms.
  • Kohler Memoirs (K-3817): Packing an AquaPiston canister that provides 360-degree flushing, Kohler Memoirs (K-3817) remove wastes effectively and efficiently. To get the Kohler toilet to release water for the flush, all people need to do is to hold down the lever. For each flush, Memoirs (K-3817) consumes just a bit more than a gallon of water which is a big plus. With Kohler Memoirs (K-3817), people could answer the call of nature and preserve water at the same time.
  • Kohler Cimarron (K-3609): By integrating less exposed material into the canister, Kohler Cimarron (K-3609) is able to reduce the number of times water leaks out in use. Furthermore, depending on the desire of users, the toilet of Kohler allows partial and complete flushing. That is why Cimarron (K-3609) smoothly adapts to a multitude of situations in the bathroom. Finally, featuring an ideal height, Kohler Cimarron (K-3609) makes it easy for everyone to sit down and get up.

American Standard

  • American Standard H2Option: Dependable and reliable, American Standard H2Option gives a good account of itself in quite a few settings. Engineered with a push-button for flushing, the toilet from American Standard lets homeowners get rid of waste in mere seconds. Also, since H2Option includes dual flush technology, wastes would go straight down instead of coming back up as people flush. It’s noteworthy that American Standard H2Option features EverClean-treated surfaces that inhibit the growth of germs.
  • American Standard Champion 4: Despite its plain appearance, American Standard Champion 4 possesses everything that homeowners need in residential toilets. Boasting 4-inch pistol action, the toilet made by American Standard guarantees a clog-free flushing performance for years to come. In addition, the noise level of Champion 4 is low as well so homeowners could clean up after themselves quietly. On arrival, American Standard Champion 4 is accompanied by a ten-year warranty that puts people at ease.
  • American Standard Cadet 3: Assembled from the ground up with an emphasis on endurance, American Standard Cadet 3 handles abuse superbly. The modern flush valve of the American Standard toilet provides gravity-assisted power for the flushing which ensures the removal of all wastes. Besides that, equipped with a concealed trapway, Cadet 3 seldom gets clogged in the course of operation. As a result, if homeowners pick up American Standard Cadet 3, they don’t have to give it special treatment.


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What kind of toilet paper should I use?

Modern toilets including those of Kohler and American Standard accept an assortment of toilet papers. Still, to keep your toilet from getting clogged, it’s widely advised that you stick to low-ply pacers that quickly dissolve in water. Moreover, if you have allergies, you must check out the ingredients of toilet papers before buying them. Usually, products with natural ingredients could help keep allergic reactions under control.

How do I unclog my toilets?

To unclog toilets, you could use a lot of things from hot water to baking soda to dissolve whatever causes the clogging.  Also, for persistent clogging, it’s a good idea to consider using a drain snake to unclog toilets. Still, you have to take some time to read through the policies of the warranty in advance. The last thing you want to do is to void the warranty by mistake while dealing with the clogging of your toilets.

Is it possible to repair damaged toilets?

It depends. For minor damages, you could order replacement parts from the manufacturer of your toilets. Kohler, American Standard and many other brands sell replacement parts for all of their models. After you swap damaged parts with replacement ones, your toilets should resume normal operation once again. However, if your toilets sustain extensive damages, you should purchase new ones instead of spending money on repair.

Where could I buy residential toilets?

If you want to buy toilets for your household, you may want to pay a visit to the local home improvement store. You don’t like to go out of your way for toilets? Then feel free to get your toilets from online retailers. However, for good measure, you must stick to well-known names such as Amazon, eBay, etc.


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