SOLVED! - Lennox Vs. Mitsubishi Mini-Split: Rundowns

Also known as ductless systems, mini-splits permit quick smooth and precise changes to room temperature without relying on ducts. Nowadays, plenty of brands build household mini-splits but in terms of reputability, people tend to consider Lennox and Mitsubishi to be the leading names. Dependable and reliable, mini-splits made by Lennox and Mitsubishi rarely let their users down in the course of operation. However, most modern homeowners remain divided regarding the winner in Lennox vs. Mitsubishi mini-split.

A Summary Of The Brands 

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Between  Lennox and Mitsubishi, which one of them gives the best deal once it comes to mini-splits for residence? If you seek the answer to that question, it’s strongly recommended that you take a look at this article. From overviews of Lennox and Mitsubishi to analyses of their products, you could find all the information you need below.

Lennox And Mitsubishi: Overviews 

  • Lennox: Founded back in 1895 as a manufacturer of coal furnaces, Lennox is now one of the top suppliers of heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions. By placing an emphasis on applications of innovations, Lennox manages to simultaneously optimize the performance of its products in use and keep them user-friendly. In addition to that, to reassure customers, Lennox winningly backs its mini-splits with warranties. As a result, if you get your mini-split from Lennox, you have something to count when things turn south.
  • Mitsubishi: During talks about high-quality HVAC systems, Mitsubishi is the name that would come up from time to time. As a long-established brand, Mitsubishi possesses a lot of experience in matching the multitude of demands of homeowners worldwide. Needless to say, people that look for no-nonsense appliances usually hold mini-splits made by Mitsubishi in high esteem. Last but not least, Mitsubishi products last a long time which means it’s going to be years before you have to find their replacements.

Analyses Of Mini-Splits From The Brands 


Thanks to the two-stage technology that provides variable fan speed, Lennox mini-splits easily satisfy heating and cooling requirements with minimal power consumption. Because of that, models from Lennox could reduce utility bills of households and help people save a couple of bucks. In the case of Mitsubishi, owing to innovative inverters, its mini-splits consume 40% less power than most of their counterparts. Unsurprisingly, the majority of mini-splits for residence of Mitsubishi receive the Energy Star rating.


Upon purchase, mini-splits made by Lennox often come alongside remotes and people have the option of buying a Wi-fi-compatible control device. Besides that, Lennox models have an easy time heating up rooms even when the outside temperature drops well below zero. For mini-splits of Mitsubishi, they feature a dual filtration system and that guarantees high-quality air for the users. Noteworthily, Mitsubishi uses R410-A refrigerants for its mini-splits which make them environmentally-friendly.


To facilitate maintenance, Lennox designs its mini-splits with a self-cleaning mode that inhibits the growth of bacteria. Mini-splits from Lennox also pack a defrosting pan so they could run without needing much care in cold weather. Regarding Mitsubishi mini-splits, their air filters prove to be a breeze to remove and clean in time of need. The estimates vary but filters of mini-splits made by Mitsubishi would last for at least a decade before failing.

Post-purchase support

Lennox backs its mini-splits with a warranty: 5 years for the parts and 7 years for the compressor. By registering their Lennox units, people can extend the length of the warranty to 12 years. About Mitsubishi, it offers a 10-year manufacturer warranty for everyone that grabs its mini-splits. However, the filter is outside of the coverage of Mitsubishi warranty so homeowners cannot use it to claim replacement filters.

Making Up Your Mind Between Lennox And Mitsubishi: Guidances

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Overall, different people have different preferences so it’s difficult to say anything about Lennox vs. Mitsubishi mini-split without taking into account individual liking. That being said, if you wish to get the most out of your money, check out these pieces of advice

  • Think about the noise: Mitsubishi mini-splits operate in a quiet manner but it’s near impossible to make out any noise from Lennox models. As a result, in the case that you have sensitive hearing, you should stick to mini-splits made by Lennox.
  • Keep space in mind: Mini-splits from Mitsubishi and Lennox come from all shapes and sizes but if you have little spare, go for Lennox. Thanks to the space-saving design, Lennox mini-splits for residence could be squeezed into tight spots with relative ease.
  • Give climate some thought: Made to regulate temperature, mini-splits work well in various conditions, hot as well as cold. However, if you experience high temperatures on a regular basis and desire cooling, it’s best to prioritize Lennox models. On the other hand, if you have a hard time staying warm in your house, you won’t regret buying mini-splits made by Mitsubishi.


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What is BTU rating?

BTU stands for British Thermal Unit and it essentially indicates the power of mini-splits. The higher the BTU rating, the more cooling/heating mini-splits could provide in use. In order to ensure that you could stay comfortable as temperature fluctuates, you must pay special attention to the BTU rating of your mini-split.

Could I set up mini-splits on my own?

Assuming that you have the right skills and tools, you should be able to install mini-splits with relative ease. Nonetheless, keep in mind that all it takes is one mistake during the setup process to damage mini-splits permanently. If you lack confidence, play it safe and let the professionals deal with the installation.

How often should I clean my mini-split?

Numerous factors influence the cleaning interval of mini-splits but on average, it’s a good idea to clean mini-splits once every two weeks. In the case that you happen to use your mini-split frequently, you may want to clean it more often. Usually, a few pieces of soft cloth would be adequate once it comes to cleaning modern mini-splits for residence. Avoid using water unless you want your mini-split to sustain damages and incur a series of repair bills.


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