SOLVED! - Little Giant Vs. Gorilla Ladders: Which One Is The Winner?

From replacing light bulbs to painting the walls, various tasks in households require the kind of reach that typical homeowners cannot match on their own. That is why people tend to consider ladders as must-haves in today’s residence. At the moment, plenty of brands make ladders but it’s widely agreed that Little Giant and Gorilla Ladders have some of the best models. That being said, while ladders from both brands provide great values, one topic still captures the interest of modern homeowners: Little Giant vs. Gorilla Ladders.

An Analysis Of Ladders Of The Brands 

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Plan to get a ladder for your house but have a hard time choosing between Little Giant and Gorilla Ladders? In that case, this article is going to prove handy. Down below, you could find all the information that you must consider before deciding which brand suits your preferences most.

Little Giant And Gorilla Ladders: Rundowns 

Little Giant: Recognized as one of the leading names in the industry, Little Giant is the number choice for those that desire no-nonsense ladders. Thanks to the emphasis on quality, Little Giant models would handle everything that people throw at them in use and still stay in working order. In addition to that, residential ladders made by Little Giant consistently maintain tip-top stability on quite a few surfaces. Therefore, once it comes to the level of safety, Little Giant ladders outmatch usual models.

Gorilla Ladders: Owing to its user-oriented approach, Gorilla Ladders is capable of making solid ladders that prove simple to use and easy to manipulate. Aside from that, by integrating high-quality materials, Gorilla Ladders models last a long time. Needless to say, ladders of Gorilla Ladders earn a shower of praise from those who don’t have many chances to pick up ladder replacements. Last but not least, available at reasonable prices, Gorilla Ladders models suit countless shopping budgets.

Characteristics Of Ladders From The Brands 

Little Giant

Adaptability: Versatile and flexible, ladders made by Little Giant should give a great performance in a wide range of projects. Hence, instead of buying multiple tools, people only need a single Little Giant ladder in order to get the reach they need for household tasks.

Variety: To ensure that its models meet the demands of modern customers, Little Giant releases its ladders for residence in all shapes and sizes. As a result, regardless of what you seek in your ladder, there is a good chance that Little Giant could offer you a number of options.

Maintenance: Similar to their contemporaries, Little Giant ladders require care to remain in top shape. However, models from Little Giant usually have basic maintenance needs so there is no need to pay them special attention.

Gorilla Ladders

Cost: By applying innovations into productions, Gorilla Ladders is able to introduce ladders at budget-friendly prices without sacrificing quality. Therefore, in terms of affordability, numerous homeowners believe Gorilla Ladders to be the one that comes out on top in Little Giant vs. Gorilla Ladders.

Convenience: Engineered with lightweight construction, ladders made by Gorilla Ladders have outstanding handling compared to regular models on the market. In most of the cases, people just need several moments to set up Gorilla Ladders models and put them away.

Features: Gorilla Ladders frequently gives its ladder armored feet, non-slip pads, comfort grips and so on to boost performance. Besides height, you also have a few concerns about the features of your residential ladder? Then it’s strongly recommended that you add ladders from Gorilla Ladders to your shortlist.

Choosing Between Little Giant And Gorilla Ladders: Tips And Tricks 

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Different people often look for different things in their ladders so today’s homeowners tend to be at odds about Little Giant vs. Gorilla Ladders. Still, if you wish to make the right call, it’s strongly recommended that you check out the following hints

  • Take the wallet into account: If you happen to have money to spend then you could get your ladder from whatever brand that you like. On the other hand, if your wallet is kind of tight, stick to Gorilla Ladders.
  • Think about the material: For your information, modern ladders feature two materials: fiberglass and aluminum. Currently, Little Giant sells models that incorporate both materials while ladders made by Gorilla Ladders primarily make use of aluminum. Hence, it’s important to give material some thought prior to making up your mind.
  • Keep the tasks in mind: If you only have to tackle ordinary tasks, Gorilla Ladders models should suit you well. Nonetheless, in the case that your tasks involve challenging requirements regarding height, weight, load and others, go for Little Giant.


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How do I clean my ladder?

Once it comes to cleaning, you need to adhere to the instructions in the owner’s manual of your ladder. A combination of water and soap is going to be adequate for the average models. In addition, it’s fine to use a stiff brush to get rid of dirt in the nook and cranny. Noteworthily, assuming that the manufacturer of your ladder permits, you could even apply cleaning solutions on it to facilitate the removal of dirt, stains, etc.

What is the lifespan of ladders for residence?

The lifespan of ladders fluctuates from case to case as factors come into play: exposure, maintenance, usage, and so on. That being said, if you take good care of your ladder, it would be years before you have to think about finding a replacement ladder. You may need to swap out a couple of components every now and then though.

Where is the best spot to store ladders?

Outside of use, you could store your ladder wherever you want as long as you keep it away from elements. Prioritize well-ventilated space so moisture won’t compromise the structural integrity of your ladder. Also, it’s ill-advised to put your ladder near heat sources to prevent damage.

Do ladders come with warranties?

Yes. For instance, Gorilla Ladders willingly backs all of its residential ladders with a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects. You can figure out the warranty of your ladder by reading its owner’s manual.

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