SOLVED: Milgard Style Line Vs. Tuscany: Which One Works Best For You?

Nowadays, people could get their windows from whatever manufacturer they like but Milgard is the brand of choice of many. Able to put together aesthetically pleasing windows that last a long time, Milgard rarely fails to please modern homeowners. At the moment, Milgard offers various windows to customers but regarding popularity, two series stand out from the rest: Style Line and Tuscany. Needless to say, owing to the fame of the series, Milgard Style Line vs. Tuscany is the topic of a lot of discussions surrounding Milgard windows.

An Analysis Of The Series

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Have confidence in the quality of Milgard windows but cannot make up your mind between Style Line and Tuscany? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article is going to tell you everything you must keep in mind about both window series.

Style Line And Tuscany: Breakdowns 

Milgard Style Line: During home renovations, the Style Line series of windows from Milgard let people upgrade their windows without spending a fortune. Featuring a double-pane construction, Style Line windows excel at keeping the noise level down which is a big plus in noisy neighborhoods. In addition to that, windows of the series incorporate vinyl that only requires minimal amounts of maintenance to stay in top shape. Last but not least, being energy-efficient, Milgard Style Line windows help homeowners cut down utility bills as time passes by.

Milgard Tuscany: Engineered for traditional residences, the Tuscany series of windows from Milgard pack thick frames that provide a basic and simple appearance. Thanks to outstanding endurance, Tuscany windows would remain intact for years to come and that eliminates the hassle of finding window replacements. Moreover, boasting a number of customization options, windows of the series give people the freedom to adapt them to their liking. As a result, matching Milgard Tuscany windows to household themes is a walk in the park by all accounts.

A Comparison Of The Series 


Generally speaking, both Style Line and Tuscany windows of Milgard integrate resilient vinyl so they won’t fail easily in use. Still, due to the difference in thickness of the frame, Tuscany is a bit more resistant to damage than Tuscany for most of the time. That means in terms of strength, Tuscany is the winner in Milgard Style Line vs. Tuscany. Naturally, homeowners who care about the longevity of their windows hold Tuscany in high esteem.

Energy Efficiency 

Once it comes to energy efficiency, Milgard Style Line and Tuscany deliver more or less the same values in today’s residences. However, it’s worth pointing out that Tuscany windows fall behind their Tuscany counterparts in some regions owing to issues with production, delivery, etc. Therefore, it’s a good idea to determine whether Tuscany windows match the Energy Star qualifications in your place. By doing so, you should be able to have an objective view of the performance of  Style Line and Tuscany windows.


For security, Style Line windows use Positive Action Lock (PAL) while Tuscany ones contain SmartTouch Window Lock. Both locks give a good account of themselves in the course of operation so people don’t have to worry too much about break-ins.


Style Line and Tuscany suit the shopping budget of the majority of homeowners despite occasional changes to the price tag of Milgard windows. Because of that, to finance the purchase of either series, you don’t have to recalculate your spending plan. That being said, between Style Line and Tuscany, Tuscany is usually the more expensive series of windows. Hence, a lot of cost-conscious people consider Style Line to be the one that comes out on top in Milgard Style Line vs. Tuscany.


Upon purchase, Style Line and Tuscany windows of Milgard tend to be accompanied by a full lifetime warranty. If your Milgard windows fail due to manufacturing defects, you could claim a replacement free of charge. Nonetheless, the warranty of Tuscany lacks the glass breakage coverage that the warranty of Style Line provides. Naturally, those who seek peace of mind while shopping for windows rate Style Line above Tuscany in most of the cases.

Choosing Between The Series: Advice 

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With different people having different preferences, opinions vary about Milgard Style Line vs. Tuscany. However, if you want to make the right call, you should check out these suggestions.

  • Think about the house: The choice of windows influences the way the house presents itself so you should give your house some thought. If you wish to create a modern look for your household, you won’t regret using the Milgard Tuscany series of windows. On the other hand, if you desire a classic appearance, the Style Line series of Milgard should suit you well. Until you manage to establish the aesthetic criteria for your residence, avoid committing to a purchase.
  • Keep styles in mind: All in all, Tuscany windows come in more styles than their Style Line counterparts. Assuming that your house just features simple windows, feel free to use whatever series of windows you like. Still, if you have windows of variable styles, it’s a good idea to go for Milgard Tuscany.
  • Take cost into account: For small-scale projects, there is no need to bother with the price difference of Style Line And Tuscany. Nonetheless, if you have to deal with multiple windows, it’s strongly recommended that you consider cost. Tuscany of Milgard is a nice choice for windows if you happen to have money to spend on the renovation. In the case that your wallet is kind of tight, stick to Milgard Style Line to save a couple of bucks.


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How do I care for my Milgard windows?

To keep your Milgard windows in good condition, all you have to do is to clean them from time to time. Usually, a combination of water and soap is adequate but you may use cleaning solutions in times of need. It’s noteworthy that you must stop the solutions from coming into contact with the vinyl. Chemicals in cleaning solutions could compromise vinyl so be thorough.

Is there a way to limit the opening of Milgard windows?

Milgard offers an optional factory-installed window opening control device that permits people to limit the opening of windows. With such a device, you could stop dangerous falls in young children by restricting the window opening.

Where can I buy Milgard windows?

You should be able to pick up Milgard windows by paying a visit to certified dealers of Milgard. To find dealers near your location, you could either go to Milgard website or call 1.800.MILGARD.


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