SOLVED! - Norman Shutters Vs. Hunter Douglas Shutters: Which Ones Do You Need?

Able to keep out outdoor elements and protect privacy, shutters receive a shower of praise from people who desire solid window covers for modern residence. Nowadays, many brands build shutters for windows but in terms of reputability, two names stand out: Norman and Hunter Douglas. With a long history of operation, both brands know what people need in window shutters and design their products accordingly. Nonetheless, while homeowners hold Norman and Hunter Douglas in high esteem, one topic still attracts a lot of interest: Norman shutters vs. Hunter Douglas shutters.

A Summary Of The Brands 

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So you wish to get your hands on high-quality window shutters but unable to choose between those of Norman and those of Hunter Douglas? Then this article may be able to help you out. Down below, you would find all the information that you need to pick up the best shutters for your house.

Norman And Hunter Douglas: Breakdowns 

Norman: Thanks to the emphasis on applications of innovations, Norman is capable of making robust shutters that last for years. Unsurprisingly, Norman products receive a shower of praise from homeowners who don’t have many opportunities to grab replacement shutters. Norman also releases shutters for windows across the price points so people have several choices regardless of their shopping budget. Last but not least, Norman willingly backs its products with warranties that cover manufacturing defects.

Hunter Douglas: By continuously optimizing the designs of its shutters, Hunter Douglas manages to keep its products competitive over time. In addition to that, shutters made by Hunter Douglas incorporate quite a few features from light diffusion to voice control. As a result, people that prioritize convenience think highly of Hunter Douglas and its products. It’s worth pointing out that Hunter Douglas offers professional installation for its shutters too.

Overviews Of Shutters Of The Brands 


  • Safety: Norman cares about the welfare of its customers which is why it provides shutters made from fire-resistant materials. Such shutters could endure high temperatures for an extensive period of time without burning up.
  • Lifespan: Nothing lasts forever but assuming that people don’t take things to the extremes, Norman shutters should perform well for quite some time. If you get the shutter for your window from Norman, years would pass before you have to consider replacing it.
  • Flexibility: Shutters made by Norman come in all shapes and sizes so they give a good account of themselves in a wide range of layouts. User-oriented features including PerfectTilt, SmartPrivacy and so on ensure that homeowners have a good experience with shutters of Norman.
  • Affordability: Knowing that today’s homeowners have to deal with an assortment of expenses, Norman takes measures to keep its products at budget-friendly prices. Because of that, squeezing shutters from Norman into the spending plan is child’s play.
  • Post-purchase support: As proof of confidence, Norman gives everyone that decides to buy its shutters no-questions-asked warranties. Your Norman shutter fails due to manufacturing defects within the warranty period? Then you could claim replacements free of charge.

Hunter Douglas

  • Endurance: Able to withstand outdoor elements and physical impacts, window shutters made by Hunter Douglas outmatch many of their counterparts once it comes to endurance. Unsurprisingly, those that live in demanding environments rate Hunter Douglas shutters as some of the best products on the market.
  • Variety: At the moment, Hunter Douglas carries a multitude of shutters for every imaginable setup. No matter what you need in shutters of your windows, Hunter Douglas should have a number of options for you.
  • Fitness: By setting out tight dimension tolerance, Hunter Douglas is able to match its shutters with quite a few windows. Therefore, there is no need to do much in order to achieve optimal fitness with window shutters of Hunter Douglas.
  • Distribution: Unlike Norman, Hunter Douglas only sells its shutters for windows via physical retailers so you cannot buy them online. That is why a couple of people consider Norman shutters to be the winners in Norman shutters vs. Hunter Douglas shutters in terms of distribution.
  • Maintenance: Window shutters made by Hunter Douglas usually don’t require special attention from homeowners to stay in working order. If you have no time to spend on shutters with complex maintenance, you would come to love Hunter Douglas shutters.

Choosing Between Norman And Hunter Douglas: Hints 

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Different people often have different preferences so homeowners tend to be at odds regarding Norman shutters vs. Hunter Douglas shutters. However, if you wish to make a wise investment, you should check out these considerations

  • Take location into account: If you live near retailers of shutters, you could buy products from whatever brand you like. On the other hand, if you cannot locate any retailer around you, it’s best to stick to Norman shutters.
  • Give wallet some thought: Both Norman and Hunter Douglas have economical models but on average, Hunter Douglas costs a bit more than their Norman counterparts. Your wallet is kind of tight but you still want to pick up robust shutters? In that case, you should go for shutters from Norman.
  • Keep maintenance in mind: To keep shutters in top shape, people must perform maintenance from time to time. If you don’t have a lot of free time, it’s strongly recommended that you outfit your windows with shutters made by Hunter Douglas.


Automated Hunter Douglas Shutters for Homes near Keller, TX

Could shutters block out light completely?

In use, shutters could block out more light than blinds, curtains and similar window covers. That being said, it’s impossible to block out light completely using only window shutters. In the case that you need to achieve near-total darkness, you have to use a combination of window covers.

How often should I clean my shutters? 

A lot of factors affect the build-up of foreign material on residential window shutters. Still, it’s a good idea to clean your shutters at least once a week. You could use a combination of vacuum cleaner and cloth to remove dirt, sand and so on from the shutters.

May I set up shutters on my own?

If you have the right skills and tools, feel free to install shutters by yourself. Nonetheless, remember that improper installation of window shutters could lead to numerous issues from water leaks to invasive bugs.

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