SOLVED! - Onkyo Receiver “No Sound” Reset: Instructions

Once it comes to building home entertainment systems, homeowners have numerous choices for receivers but Onkyo models command great respect. Versatile and flexible, receivers made by Onkyo give a good account of themselves in quite a few settings nowadays. However, Onkyo receivers still leave something to be desired and the failure to make sound on occasions is an example. When their Onkyo receivers refuse to make sounds, people frantically seek fixes which is why topics like Onkyo receiver “no sound” reset receive special attention.

A Summary On Resetting Onkyo Receivers 

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You want to reset your Onkyo receiver to address its “no sound” error but have no idea how? If that happens to be the case then this article is exactly what you need. Down below is a list of the steps that you must take to reset an Onkyo receiver.

Step 1: Locate VCR/DVD And On/Standby Buttons 

You would be able to find VCR/DVD and On/Standby buttons of your Onkyo receiver by giving the interface a look. Feel free to use the owner’s manual to pinpoint the location of the buttons if you have a hard time.

Step 2: Press And Hold The Buttons 

After you spot VCR/DVD and On/Standby buttons, proceed to press and hold them both for a few seconds. By doing so, you could get your Onkyo receiver into Standby mode.

Step 3: Press The On/Standby Button

When your Onkyo receiver is on Standby mode, press the On/Standby button once to turn it back on which completes the reset. You have to set up your presets again as following a reset, Onkyo receivers revert to the default configuration.

Alternative Fixes For Sound Failures Of Onkyo Receivers

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Check Out The Outlet 

Similar to other components of the home entertainment system, receiver requires a supply of power to stay up and running. That means if you plug your Onkyo receiver into a bad outlet, its performance would suffer because of interruptions to the flow of electricity.

To determine whether the outlet is responsible for the “no sound” error of your Onkyo receiver, you should plug another appliance into it. If the appliance works just fine, you may conclude that the outlet is in good condition. On the other hand, if the appliance cannot turn on, you have to deal with the outlet as soon as possible. Depending on the situation, it’s necessary to repair/replace the outlet before plugging the receiver back in.

Examine The HDMI Cable 

For your information, HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable is designed to transfer video and audio in high quality. Needless to say, if the HDMI cable to your Onkyo receiver experiences problems, “no sound” error is one of the consequences.

During discussions about Onkyo receiver “no sound” reset, it’s not uncommon for people to bring up HDMI cable on the side note. Sometimes, all people need to do is to re-secure a loose HDMI cable for the sound to return. Nonetheless, in the case that the HDMI cable seems to sustain damages, it’s best to pick up a replacement. Since many hardware stores sell HDMI cables, you don’t have to go too far to buy one for your Onkyo receiver.

Inspect The Source Connection

Generally speaking, if the connection between your Onkyo receiver and its sources develops issues, the odds of failures spike. Hence, it’s strongly recommended that you think about the source connection while troubleshooting the “no sound” error of Onkyo receivers. One way to deduce the troublemaker is to test out the sources (radio, disc players, gaming systems, …) one by one. When you manage to identify the one that causes the error, take your time fixing its connection to your Onkyo receiver.

Assess The Speaker Wires 

To put it plainly, the speaker wires play a key role in the broadcast of sound of Onkyo receivers. That is why if your Onkyo receiver fails to make sound, you should consider scanning the speaker wires for signs of problems. In any case, make sure that the wires maintain contact with the terminals at all times for smooth operation. Besides that, if the wires appear shot, replace them without a second thought.

Maintenance Of Onkyo Receivers: Suggestions 

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If you know the Onkyo receiver “no sound” reset, you could address the failure to make sound of your Onkyo receiver in times of need. That being said, if you like to avoid headaches in the future, you may want to implement these measures.

  • Clean the receiver periodically: As time passes by, a lot of things accumulate on components of home entertainment systems which interfere with their performance. Thus, to get the most out of your Onkyo receiver, you have to clean it from time to time. Handheld vacuum cleaners work wonders once it comes to cleaning receivers but a soft towel would do in a pinch. Refrain from using water as water and electronics don’t mix well.
  • Turn off receiver if possible: In layman’s terms, the more you use your receiver, the quicker it wears out. That is why you should turn off your receiver outside of use to optimize its longevity. By turning off the receiver, you could cut down utility bills too which is a big plus if you own multiple power-hungry appliances. Still, it’s suggested that you follow the proper steps to turn off your receiver instead of severing its power supply abruptly.
  • Take ventilation into account: Receivers generate heat in the course of operation, therefore, ventilation is an important consideration. If you neglect ventilation, your Onkyo receiver is going to overheat and that leads to an assortment of difficulties.


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What is the lifespan of Onkyo receivers?

Various factors affect the lifespan of receivers of home entertainment systems: installation, maintenance, usage, etc. On average, unless you push your Onkyo receiver to the extremes, it should last for a decade. There is a good chance that you have to carry out repair every now and then through the service life of your receiver though. If the cost of repair proves excessive, it’s more economical to buy a brand-new receiver.

Do Onkyo receivers consume much power?

Power consumption changes between models but the presence of Onkyo receivers rarely causes changes to the amount of power that home entertainment systems consume. However, to stay on the safe side, compare the specifications beforehand to control the strains on the circuit.

Where could I buy Onkyo receivers?

Stores that deal in home entertainment systems usually keep Onkyo receivers on hand so visit them to grab one. Aside from that, you could also order Onkyo receivers from online retailers such as Amazon, eBay and so on.

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