SOLVED: Open Burner Vs. Sealed Burner: Comparisons

While different people tend to have different preferences regarding cooking appliances, many agree that putting a gas range in the kitchen is a good idea. That being said, to get the most out of gas ranges, people must take various issues into account and the burner is one of them. The market nowadays contains an assortment of gas ranges but for the burner, only two styles exist: open and sealed. Naturally, those that intend to grab gas ranges spend a lot of time thinking about open burner vs. sealed burner.

Basics Of The Range Burners

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New to gas ranges and could use a bit of help once it comes to the burner of gas range? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article could tell you virtually everything about open burner and sealed burner so you may make a wise decision.

Overviews Of The Burner Styles

  • Open burner: As the name suggests, an open burner is a burner with exposed components. People could see the flame coming from the burner as they cook without much difficulty. Usually, professional chefs prefer using gas ranges with the open burner than the sealed one.
  • Sealed burner: Put together with a seal that positions between itself and the frame that holds the cookware, a sealed burner partially covers the flame. In addition to that, the burner features an integral one-piece surface that facilitates cleaning. On average, gas ranges with the sealed burner sees more use in households than restaurants.

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Differences Between Open Burner And Sealed Burner

  • Efficiency: Owing to its construction, the open burner tends to receive an abundant amount of oxygen so it burns easily. Also, with nothing standing on top of it, the open burner is able to direct heat straight toward the cookware. Therefore, in terms of efficiency, the open burner is often superior to the sealed burner.
  • Simmer: As it possesses a combination of flame and airflow, the open burner allows precise simmer even at low settings. Because of that, people would have an easy time making sauces if they equip their ranges with the open burner instead of the sealed burner.
  • Ease of cleaning: Unlike the open burner, the sealed burner is capable of keeping spills contained thanks to its seal. Needless to say, the time it takes to clean a sealed burner is shorter than that of an open burner. So regarding the ease of cleaning, the sealed burner is the one that comes out on top in open burner vs. sealed burner.
  • Cost: The sealed burner costs more than the open burner, thus, those that have limited shopping budgets usually go for the latter.

Choosing The Burner Style: Guidances 

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Generally speaking, both the open burner and the sealed burner have unique properties so there is no certain winner about open burner vs. sealed burner. However, if you wish to make a call that you won’t regret, you must ask yourself the following questions

Are you a chef? 

If you happen to be a chef working in a restaurant, it’s strongly recommended that you use an open burner for your gas range. On the other hand, in the case that you enjoy cooking at home, you should stick to the sealed burner.

Is efficiency your priority? 

The sealed burner is not as efficient as the open burner but its efficiency is not too bad at all. Nonetheless, if you like to save as much cooking gas as possible, it’s best that you pick up an open burner for your range.

Do you have time to clean your burner? 

All burners require cleaning from time to time but the cleaning process of the open burner is more involved than that of the sealed burner. Don’t have lots of time to spend on cleaning the burner of your range? Then feel free to settle for the forgiving sealed burner.

How much could you spend? 

If your wallet is somewhat tight, it’s widely advised that you buy an open burner and save some bucks. Still, if money is not the issue, you may want to check out sealed burners.

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