SOLVED: Pebble Tec Vs. Stonescapes: Which Brand Makes The Best Finishes?

As time passes by, swimming pools come into contact with UV rays, chlorine, water and alike which cause an assortment of issues including aesthetic ones. Thus, many modern homeowners that care about the appearance of their pools tend to pay special attention to pool finish. Nowadays, people have access to products of numerous brands but most consider Pebble Tec and Stonescapes to be the leading brands of finishes for pools. However, while products of both brands have comparable field performance, one thing still piques the curiosity of homeowners: the winner in Pebble Tec vs. Stonescapes.

Rundowns Of The Brands 

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You want to give your pool a solid finish but have a hard time choosing between Pebble Tec and Stonescapes? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article could tell you everything that you must keep in mind about the brands as well as their products.

Pebble Tec And Stonescapes: An Analysis 

Pebble Tec: As a long-established brand with a lot of experience, Pebble Tec knows what people desire and design all of its products accordingly. Also, thanks to their wide variety, Pebble Tec products should match all sorts of settings. Because of that, pool finishes for residences made by Pebble Tec receive a shower of praise from today’s homeowners. Last but not least, products of Pebble Tec have no-nonsense maintenance requirements so keeping them in top shape is a walk in the park.

Stonescapes: By emphasizing utility, Stonescapes finishes for residential pools seldom let people down in use. In addition to that, reaching the market at reasonable prices, products from Stonescapes suit the wallet of the average homeowners. As a result, you don’t have to recalculate your spending plan in order to afford finishes ofStonescapes. Finally, with an extended lifespan, Stonescapes products would remain uncompromised for years to come and that is by all accounts a big plus.

Overviews Of Products Of The Brands 

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Versatility: Pebble Tec pool finishes come in all shapes and sizes which means Pebble Tec could offer suitable products for every pool in modern residences. On the other hand, as it’s a new brand, Stonescapes is only able to provide several lines of products. That is why in terms of versatility, people usually regard Pebble Tec as the one that comes out on top in Pebble Tec vs. Stonescapes.

Availability: Pebble Tec is a big name so finding its pool finishes and people that have the skills to apply them is child’s play. That is advantageous if you plan to hire someone to take care of the application of finish of your pool.

Warranty: To reassure customers, Pebble Tec willingly backs its products with a five-year warranty that covers material and labor. Therefore, if your Pebble Tec pool finish fails due to defects within the warranty period, you could count on the brand to set things straight.


Resilience: Capable of handling everything that comes their way, pool finishes from Stonescapes earn numerous compliments for their resilience. In the case that you like to spend more time swimming in your pool and less time repairing it, you won’t regret choosing Stonescapes.

Cost: Since they have budget-friendly price tags, pool finishes from Stonescapes prove popular among the cost-conscious homeowners nowadays. Unsurprisingly, such people favor Stonescapes if it comes to Pebble Tec vs. Stonescapes.

Comfort: With their user-oriented approach, Stonescapes pool finishes optimize the level of comfort of homeowners as they swim around in an assortment of conditions. Hence, Stonescapes is the number one choice for those that desire a quality swimming experience.

Choosing Between Pebble Tec And Stonescapes: Advice 

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Generally speaking, different people look for different things in their pool finish which is why homeowners tend to be at odds about Pebble Tec vs. Stonescapes. Still, if you like to get your money’s worth, you need to take a look at these considerations

Take wallet into account: All in all, no matter what you buy, you have to give your wallet some thought. If you have money to spend, feel free to choose whichever brand that you like. However, if your wallet is kind of tight, go for Stonescapes and save some bucks.

Think about the aesthetics: To create a generic appearance for pools, pool finishes of Stonescapes should be more than enough. Nonetheless, if you care about the way your pool presents itself, it’s best to use products from Pebble Tec.

Keep location in mind: It isn’t too difficult to find stores that carry products of Pebble Tec and Stonescapes. That being said, you should consider your location so it doesn’t take forever to get the application of the finish of your pool done.


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Do I have to wait long to use my pool following the application of the finish?

Overall, it takes at least one week for residential pools to be ready to use after people applied their finish. Depending on the weather, temperature, moisture and so on, the waiting time may change though. For good measure, before you use your pool, it’s strongly recommended that you assess its finish.

How long would pool finishes last?

Quite a few factors affect the lifespan of pool finishes but most products should last between five and ten years. Through dedicated maintenance, you could maximize the longevity of your pool finish with relative ease.

What must be done to keep pool finishes in good condition?

To ensure that the finish of your pool stays in top shape, pay special attention to the water chemistry. Poor water chemistry affects multiple aspects of the pool and the finish is not an exception. Aside from that, from time to time, you should drain your pool and clean the pool finish using suitable solutions.

Is it possible to repair damaged pool finishes?

That depends on the type of damage. For some damages, you don’t have to do much to restore the original appearance of your finish. However, if the damages prove extensive then you may have no other choice but to re-apply the entire finish.


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