SOLVED: Pergo XP Vs. Pergo Outlast: A Guide For Homeowners

Once it comes to flooring nowadays, Pergo is the brand that comes to mind of various homeowners, novices and veterans. As a long-established brand with substantial experience, Pergo understands what customers desire which lets it design high-performance flooring. At the moment, Pergo produces quite a few flooring lines but some of its more popular offers include Pergo XP and Pergo Outlast. That being said, with preferences changing from person to person, opinions about the topic of Pergo XP vs. Pergo Outlast tends to vary.

Overviews Of Pergo Flooring Lines 

Pergo XP Highland Hickory 10 mm T x 4.87 in. W x 47.87 in. L Laminate – Super Arbor

Plan to use Pergo flooring for your house but have a hard time deciding between Pergo XP and Pergo Outlast? Then there is a good chance that you would find this article useful. Down below is all the information that you must keep in mind about both flooring lines of Pergo.

Pergo XP And Pergo Outlast: A Summary 

  • Pergo XP: Being a classic line of flooring, Pergo XP adapts well to a wide range of interior themes in traditional residences. With more than thirty styles available, the flooring line from Pergo provides homeowners with the freedom to shape the inside of their households. In addition to that, XP incorporates the latest innovations that protect it from most common damages in use. Needless to say, those who care about longevity hold the Pergo line of flooring in high esteem.
  • Pergo Outlast: As the name suggests, Pergo Outlast is a flooring line that places an emphasis on longevity. Featuring unique waterproof technology, Outlast is able to endure extensive exposure to water, moisture and so on with relative ease. Besides that, the resilient nature of the Pergo line of flooring allows it to keep wear and tear to the minimum over time. As a result, Pergo Outlast achieves good rankings in a multitude of reviews of flooring lines for today’s households.

Insights Into Lines Of Flooring From Pergo 


Generally speaking, Pergo XP and Pergo Outlast consist of various styles but once it comes to number, Outlast is the superior line. With close to sixty styles, Pergo Outlast is popular among homeowners who want to have a lot of choices while setting up the flooring. Unsurprisingly, regarding variety, people usually deem Outlast to be the one that comes out on top Pergo XP vs. Pergo Outlast. It’s worth pointing out that the board selection of Outlast is not as extensive as that of XP though.


As they both come with underlayment attached, Pergo XP and Pergo Outlast don’t take too much time to install. Moreover, thanks to the no-nonsense installation, homeowners should be able to set up the Pergo flooring lines by themselves. That is by all accounts a big plus once it comes to saving money during home renovations. Of course, if you lack confidence, feel free to leave the setup process to the pros but it would cost you.


From production to installation, Pergo XP and Pergo Outlast cause no harm to the environment which makes the Pergo flooring lines eco-friendly. Consequently, those who care about nature won’t regret selecting either of the lines.


The maintenance of Pergo flooring lines including Pergo XP and Pergo Outlast is a simple affair that involves little work. To keep your flooring in top shape, all you have to do is to clean the boards from time to time. A combination of water and vinegar is adequate for most of the time though it’s possible to use cleaning solutions. It’s suggested that you avoid using anything abrasive to protect the boards of flooring from damage.


Since Pergo XP and Pergo Outlast reach the market at reasonable prices, homeowners don’t have to spend big bucks to get them. However, as it is often the cheaper one between the two, XP is the winner in Pergo XP vs. Pergo Outlast in terms of affordability. In the case that money is not a problem, you may use what line that you like. On the other hand, if your wallet is a bit tight, it’s strongly recommended that you choose Pergo XP to save some bucks.

Choosing Between Pergo XP And Pergo Outlast: Hints 

Pergo Outlast+ with SpillProtect™

The unique characteristics of Pergo XP and Pergo Outlast mean one of them would outmatch the other in certain settings. Hence, to select the best flooring line for your place, it’s widely advised that you check out the following advice.

  • Think about the interior: To put it plainly, the choice of flooring affects the way the interior presents itself. That is why it’s a good idea to take the interior into account while choosing flooring. If you elect to create a nostalgic interior, XP is going to suit you well. Nonetheless, if you want to give the inside of your house a contemporary look, Outlast is your best line of flooring.
  • Keep cost in mind: For small-scale renovation, the price difference between Pergo XP and Pergo Outlast is insignificant. Still, as the scale of the renovation grows, the influence of flooring on the expense of the project increases accordingly. Therefore, you must give cost some thought as you assess the flooring lines of Pergo to keep project expenses under control. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations from other homeowners before reaching the final decision.
  • Consider longevity of flooring: Assuming that you look after the boards, your flooring would last for years to come. That being said, if lifespan is a priority to you, you may want to go for Pergo Outlast. On average, boards of Pergo Outlast hold together for much longer than those from Pergo XP.  Additionally, Outlast boards handle damages superbly so you don’t have to worry about flooring replacement.


Pergo XP Haley Oak 8 mm T x 7.48 x 47.24 Laminate Flooring (19.63 sqft / case)

What kind of warranty can I expect from Pergo? 

Pergo backs Pergo XP and Pergo Outlast with a lifetime manufacturer warranty for residential use which speaks volumes about their quality. For light commercial use, the warranty for XP and Outlast last for 5 and 10 years respectively. Thus, no matter which line of Pergo flooring you select, you have a warranty to count on when things go south.

Could I set up Pergo flooring in every room?

Compared to their competitors on the market, Pergo flooring lines don’t have any special installation requirements. However, to get the most out of Pergo flooring, you need to remember several issues during the setup process. For instance, you need to install boards of Pergo flooring where the surface is solid and flat. Aside from that, it’s essential to keep Pergo flooring away from spaces with vehicles, drains, pumps, etc.

Is it possible to repair damaged flooring boards of Pergo?

For boards with minor damages, you could repair them using the repair kit sold by Pergo. Still, in the case that damages to the board prove extensive, you have to consider a complete replacement. One way to replace damaged boards is to disassemble the flooring, remove the damaged boards and set up new ones. You could also cut the damaged boards out of the flooring directly but that takes particular skills and tools.

Do I have to acclimate Pergo flooring?

In layman’s terms, Pergo flooring expands and contracts like any other flooring so acclimation is necessary to minimize the odds of boards buckling. Leave unopened cartons of Pergo flooring in the room where installation would take place for a couple of days. Additionally, as a precaution, you should leave some expansion space around the perimeter of the floor to accommodate movements of the boards.


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