SOLVED: Rheem Vs. Ao Smith: Which Brand Provides The Best Deal?

With the availability of hot water significantly affecting the quality of life of homeowners when outdoor temperature drops, water heaters prove essential in modern households. Nowadays, residential water heaters come from a lot of brands but regarding quality, not many could overtake those made by Rheem and Ao Smith. Dependable and reliable, water heaters from both brands give a good account of themselves in a wide range of conditions. That being said, once it comes to Rheem vs. Ao Smith, different people tend to offer different opinions about the winner.

An Analysis Of The Brands 

AO Smith Water Heaters Kansas City

So between Rheem and Ao Smith, which one should you get your water heater from? If you seek the answer to that question, you have come to the right place. This article contains every issue that you must know about the brands and their models.

Rheem And Ao Smith: Overviews 

  • Rheem: Founded in 1925, Rheem steadily established itself as one of the largest manufacturers of water heaters over the past century. Thanks to the emphasis on applications of innovations, Rheem is able to create solid water heaters that last for years. In addition, as water heaters of Rheem come in all sizes and shapes, people always have a couple of options no matter what they desire. As a result, Rheem earns itself quite a few praises from homeowners around the globe.
  • Ao Smith: With a successful operating history that stretches back to the late 1930s, Ao Smith possesses significant experience in designing water heaters for residence. Thus, models of Ao Smith rarely let homeowners down in the course of operation and that is a big plus. Moreover, Ao Smith introduces to the market multiple types of water heaters: gas, electric, tanked, tankless, … Unsurprisingly, in terms of diversity, numerous people believe Ao Smith to be second to none.

Things That The Brands Put On The Table 

  • Energy efficiency: Often measured in Uniform Energy Factor (UEF), the energy efficiency of water heaters influence their values in use. In the case of Rheem, the efficiency of its best models fluctuate between 0.80 and 0.83 UEF. On the other hand, the efficiency of water heaters from Ao Smith may get as high as 3.45 UEF. Because of that, those who like to cut down utility bills hold Ao Smith in high esteem.
  • Assistance: Assuming that people have the right skills and tools, they could set up water heaters from Rheem and Ao Smith by themselves. However, for homeowners that need a bit of help, both brands provide installation assistance: 25 miles for Rheem and 100 miles for Ao Smith.
  • Warranty: Rheem back all of their water heaters with a warranty that starts from 6 years and the maximum length of the warranty can change too. For Ao Smith, it gives homeowners that pick up its water heaters a warranty that lasts between 6 and 10 years.

Water Heaters From Rheem And Ao Smith: A Comparisons 

50 Gallon Rheem Water Heater

Gas Water Heaters: Professional Classic Plus (Rheem) Vs. ProLine XE (AO Smith) 

With a capacity of 50 gallons, ProLine XE is capable of providing more hot water than Professional Classic Plus which only incorporates a 48-gallon tank. Nonetheless, the water heater of Rheem features an energy efficiency of 0.80 UEF and that is higher than its AO Smith counterpart (0.72 UEF). That is why Rheem Professional Classic Plus could people help save a lot of money in the long run.

Electric Heaters: Professional (Rheem) Vs. Vortex (AO Smith)

Water heaters from Rheem and AO Smith share a capacity of 50 gallons. That being said, once it comes to energy efficiency, Vortex (3.42 UEF) is superior to Professional (0.92 UEF). Naturally, various cost-conscious homeowners who want to get an electric water heater for their household believe AO Smith to be the winner in Rheem vs. Ao Smith.

How To Decide Which Brand Suit You Most 

Rheem and AO Smith have unique pluses and minuses so it’s tough to say anything about Rheem vs. Ao Smith without considering individual liking. Still, if you like to make a wise decision, it’s strongly recommended that you check out the hints below

Why Rheem Is The Brand For You 

Versatile and flexible, water heaters made by Rheem adapt well to an assortment of environments. Moreover, with great attention to detail, Rheem ensures that its models remain in working order for years to come even when they receive little care. In the case that you don’t have many opportunities to grab water heater replacements, Rheem is your best bet. Lastly, the customer service of Rheem is well-developed so you have something to count on if your water heater acts up in use.

Why AO Smith Is The Brand For You 

By investing heavily in optimization, AO Smith could build solid water heaters that deliver plenty of hot water in exchange for a bit of electricity. The hot water consumption of your household is high and you want to be economical? Then there is a very good chance that you would come to like AO Smith models and what they do. It’s worth pointing out that the warranty AO Smith provides to all of its customers puts people at ease.


GPR50400 AO Smith efficient water heater - Water Heaters Installed by Licensed Plumber

What kind of factors affect the lifespan of water heaters?

A lot of things dictate the longevity of today’s water heaters but the following factors have the most influence:

  • Installation: With proper installation, residential water heaters would run smoothly for well over a decade. However, if you make mistakes during the setup process, multiple issues can occur and some of them may shorten the lifespan of your water heater.
  • Usage: To put it plainly, the more often you turn on your water heater, the faster you wear it out. Thus, if you happen to consume a large amount of hot water on a regular basis, your water heater won’t last too long.
  • Maintenance: As with any appliance nowadays, water heaters require maintenance to stay in top shape. In the case that you take good care of your water heater, it would be a while before you have to look for its replacement.
  • Water: Owing to its mineral content, hard water could damage water heaters if left unaddressed. If you currently live in an area known for having hard water, it’s best to pair your water heater with a water softener.

Is it expensive to get professionals to install my water heater?

If you lack confidence, you could hire someone to perform the setup process in your stead. The cost of professional installation for water heaters ranges from $400 to $2,500, depending on the models.

Where could I buy water heaters from Rheem and Ao Smith?

Both brands run their own website that allows you to pick up whatever model you like in a couple of clicks. Rheem and Ao Smith also have a network of retailers so you can check out water heaters on your shortlist directly.

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