SOLVED: Sherwin Williams Cashmere Flat Vs. Low Lustre: Breakdowns

Versatile and flexible, Sherwin Williams Cashmere is able to give a good account of itself in quite a few settings. That is why adapting the paint made by Sherwin Williams to interior themes is just a walk in the park. Still, Cashmere comes in a number of sheens and today’s homeowners tend to be at odds about the best one. Consequently, one of the topics that appear in discussions about Sherwin Williams Cashmere is the winner in Sherwin Williams Cashmere flat vs. low lustre.

An Analysis Of The Sheens 

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So you like Sherwin Williams Cashmere but cannot make up your mind between flat and low lustre for the sheen? If that happens to be the case then you have come to the right place. This article could tell you everything that you must know about the sheens of Cashmere to make the right call.

Sherwin Williams Cashmere: Overviews 

Made to be ultra-smooth, Cashmere looks good from all angles regardless of the sheen which is a big plus. In addition to that, the Sherwin Williams paint dries quickly too so people don’t have to wait too long. Because of that, Sherwin Williams Cashmere helps speed up painting projects and save some time. It’s worth pointing out that when the application concludes, Cashmere requires little maintenance so keeping the paint in top shape is child’s play.

Rundowns Of Flat And Low Lustre


Thanks to the forgiving characteristics, flat is the kind of sheen that provides rich impressions in an assortment of conditions. Therefore, once it comes to covering imperfections inside the average households, flat is the number one choice by all accounts. Aside from that, unlike that of other paints on the market, the flat sheen of Sherwin Williams Cashmere is scrubbable. As a result,  people don’t have to be too careful while cleaning surfaces that feature the Sherwin Williams paint.

Low Lustre

Being a subtle sheen that could reflect ambient light, low lustre appears true to the color no matter the surrounding. Moreover, low lustre resists abuse well which is why it’s the perfect sheen for areas that see high traffic. So you have a busy schedule and don’t have the time to repaint your house on a regular basis? In that case, low lustre is your best bet if it comes to Sherwin Williams Cashmere flat vs. low lustre.

How To Apply The Sheens 

All in all, the application of both sheens of Sherwin Williams Cashmere is no-nonsense and takes moments to complete. However, if you seek guidance then it’s suggested that you follow the following steps

  • Step 1: Clean the application surface a few times in order to get rid of dirt. Next, fill all the cracks and holes with proper fillers. It’s essential to sand the filled area afterward to keep the fillers in place. Last but not least, apply a layer of paint primer on the surface to improve the adhesion of the paint.
  • Step 2: The moment the primer dries to the touch, you could begin applying the paint. To get the best result here, you should apply at least two layers of paint. Wait for the paint to dry between applications of layers. In any case, it’s important to address the excess paint as soon as possible.
  • Step 3: When the final layer of the paint dries, feel free to wrap things up. Nonetheless, if you like to be thorough, think about applying a layer of paint protection on top of the paint. The paint protection would let you keep the paint from being stained and that is advantageous in the long run.

Choosing Between Flat And Low Lustre: Advice 

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Different homeowners look for different things in the sheen of their paint so there is nothing conclusive about  Sherwin Williams Cashmere flat vs. low lustre. That being said, if you want to get money’s worth, you should take a look at the hints below

  • For the flat sheen: While Sherwin Williams Cashmere is tough enough to handle a scrubbing, you should use its flat sheen in low-traffic areas. For instance, flat is going to work well on the walls and ceilings of residences.
  • For the low lustre sheen: Considering its durability, the low lustre sheen of Cashmere is suitable for areas that see high traffic day after day. From the doors to the floors, low lustre could maintain their aesthetics for many years.


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Is there a connection between the color and the sheen?

To put it plainly, the sheen of a paint dictates the perception of its color. Even if the color is the same, paints of variable sheens would have distinct appearances to the eyes of people. Because of that, before deciding on the sheen to use, get yourself a few samples and compare them to the surfaces you want to paint. By doing so, you could avoid spending big bucks on paints with ill-suited sheens.

Do sheens influence the fading of paints over time?

Numerous factors influence the reflective properties of paints and one of them is the sheen. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the sheen of your paint plays a role in the fading of its color as time passes by. Here is an example: flat is a non-reflective sheen so it causes paints to fade faster than other sheens. On the other hand, being the most reflective sheen, high gloss is able to slow down the fading of color.

Could I reduce the sheen of painted surfaces?

You have painted your walls only to discover that the sheen of the paint is too much for your liking? Then you may want to reduce the sheen a bit. All you need to do is to sand the walls using sandpaper with proper grits. For instance, if you use a paint with semi-gloss sheen and want to drop it to flat, you need to go for 400-grit sandpapers.

What should I do to give flat paint more gloss?

Well, in times of need, you could make a gloss paint out flat one by adding varnish at a 1:10 ratio. Still, formula fluctuates between paints so there is a chance that the addition of varnish would lead to unforeseen effects. Thus, it’s best to grab the right sheen of paint in the first place.


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