SOLVED: Sprinklers Won’t Turn Off: Overviews

Once it comes to maintaining the lawn in today’s households, a lot of people decide to rely on sprinklers. Designed to dispense water to the surrounding, sprinklers could help keep the grass in good condition as time passes by. That being said, while sprinklers play a key role in lawn maintenance, homeowners have to deactivate them on a couple of occasions such as wintertime. In most cases, it’s a breeze to shut down sprinklers but if sprinklers won’t turn off no matter what, there may be troubles.

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So you need to deactivate your sprinklers for some reason yet they keep running and you don’t know why? Then you should spare a bit of your time and give this article a look. Down below is virtually everything that you must remember when sprinklers refuse to turn off.

Sprinklers Acting Up: Troubleshooting

Quite a few factors influence the performance of sprinklers but if you cannot turn off sprinklers, it’s strongly recommended that you try these fixes

Clean the valve 

Over time, all sorts of things could build up inside the sprinklers and get in the way of their operation. For instance, the accumulation of dirt, debris, …. may cause the valve of sprinklers to be stuck in the “open” position. As a result of the valve getting stuck, sprinklers would operate around the clock regardless of the desire of homeowners. Unless people manage to free the valve, sprinklers won’t turn off and water is going to flow out continuously.

To clean the valve of sprinklers, a combination of external bleed screw and high-pressure water is more than enough.

Secure the solenoid 

For your information, solenoid serves as the manual bypass when automatic control is not working and people need to water the grass of their lawn. Similar to the valve, solenoid in sprinklers can also experience a wide range of issues in use that loosens it. As the solenoid loosens, gaps tend to form and that lets water pour out from the sprinklers into the surroundings. Needless to say, the issue is going to persist until homeowners get rid of the gaps by securing the solenoid.

Luckily, all people need to do in order to secure a loosened solenoid in sprinklers is to turn it clockwise.

Inspect the controller 

A number of modern sprinklers for residences feature a dedicated controller that allows homeowners to regulate the flow of water. In the case that the controller is operating as designed, people should have an easy time manipulating the operation of their sprinklers. On the other hand, if something makes the controller go haywire in the course of operation, the sprinkler would behave erratically as well. Hence, when your sprinklers won’t turn off and they all share the same controller, you must examine the controller.

From the power to the settings, take a look at everything to ensure that the controller of your sprinklers is not the one at fault.

Turn off the water supply 

Unable to find the source of the problem even after looking all over the place? Then there is one thing left that you could do before having to call professionals: turn off the water supply. While sprinklers may use the same water supply as various water systems around the house, they have their shutoff valve. Thus, it’s possible to prevent water from reaching sprinklers and maintain the water flow of other systems at once.

Go to the water source, locate the shutoff valve for the sprinklers and use it to serve the flow of water.

How To Keep Sprinklers In Top Shape 

In general, sprinklers refusing to turn off is one of many hiccups that people can come across as they use sprinklers to water the lawn. Nonetheless, by implementing several measures, you should be able to avoid a lot of headaches

  • Keep an eye on the pressure: The ideal pressure for sprinklers ranges from 40 to 65 PSI. If the water pressure is too low then the coverage of the sprinklers would drop. If the water pressure is too high, the sprinklers could sustain damages to structural integrity.
  • Check out the components periodically: To keep sprinklers in working order, it’s widely advised that you glance over your sprinklers from time to time. That is going to let you detect issues at an early stage and deal with them before they inflict damages.
  • Consider getting connectors for sprinklers: Water and electricity don’t mix which is why you need to think about grabbing a couple of sprinkler connectors. Able to stop water from reaching the interior of sprinklers, connectors minimize the odds of interruption in the water distribution.


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How long would sprinklers last?

Overall, the lifespan of sprinklers changes from case to case but assuming that you look after your sprinklers, they should last for a few decades. Still, there is a good chance that you would have to pick up replacements for certain components now and then.

What is the best schedule for sprinklers?

The number of times you have to turn on your sprinklers in a week depends on humidity, temperature, grass, etc. On average, three 20-minute sessions per week could keep the grass on your lawn in fine form but be flexible. For instance, when the weather gets hot, you have to increase the frequency of watering to compensate for the evaporation. In the case that level of humidity is high, scale back the operation of sprinklers.

Is it wise to use sprinklers during winters?

In most of the cases, standard sprinklers nowadays may run as long as the temperature remains above freezing point. However, the moment the temperature drops below 0 degree Celsius, water could freeze inside sprinklers which create an assortment of issues. Because of that, you should only turn on sprinklers in wintertime only if you know for certain that the temperature won’t get too low. Otherwise, play it safe and turn off sprinklers until spring comes.

Where could I buy sprinklers?

You can pick up some sprinklers by dropping by stores that sell home improvement goods. Thanks to the rise of e-commerce, it’s possible to get sprinklers by ordering from online retailers such as Amazon, eBay and others too.

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