SOLVED! - Square D Qo Vs. Homeline: Which One Is Superior?

It’s impossible to be too careful around electricity, therefore, modern circuits tend to incorporate various fail-safes and circuit breaker is one of them. The moment problems surface, circuit breaker is going to interrupt the flow of current to protect the circuits from damages. Nowadays, the circuit breaker market contains models from a lot of brands but regarding reputability, Square D (Schneider Electric) is one of the leading names. That being said, while circuit breakers of Schneider Electric work well, one topic still piques the curiosity of many people: Square D Qo vs. Homeline.

A Summary Of The Breakers 


Intend to get a couple of circuit breakers from Schneider Electric but cannot choose between Square D Qo and Homeline? If that is the case then you have come to the right place. This article could tell you virtually everything that you must keep in mind about both series of circuit breakers of Square D.

Square D Qo And Homeline: Overviews 

Square D Qo: Designed to handle high loads, Square D Qo is compatible with circuits that house power-consuming appliances: dishwashers, dryers and so on. In addition to that, Square D Qo packs a trip indicator that displays its status. Hence, by going for Square D Qo, homeowners would have an easy time determining whether their circuit breaker gets tripped. Last but not least, Square D Qo is accompanied by a top-notch limited lifetime warranty upon purchase and that speaks volumes about its quality.

Square D Homeline: Since it possesses a low load rating, Square D Homeline could only support circuits with basic appliances. However, in use, Square D Homeline still provides excellent protection against short-circuits, overloads, etc. Moreover, reaching the market at a price that everyone accepts, Square D Homeline earns numerous compliments from cost-conscious homeowners. Finally, Square D Homeline features a long lifespan which is a big plus if you don’t want to buy circuit breaker replacement too often.

A Comparison Of The Breakers 

Compatibility: Thanks to its ability to accommodate high loads, Square D Qo could be put to good use in a wide range of modern circuits. On the other hand, the load rating of Square D Homeline restricts its use to circuits that have low loads. As a result, most people nowadays agree that once it comes to compatibility, Square D Qo is the winner in Square D Qo vs. Homeline.

Convenience: Equipped with a trip indicator, Square D Qo allows homeowners to locate the tripped breaker among untripped ones in a blink of an eye. Thus, with Square D Qo, the process of resetting the tripped breaker lasts mere seconds. In the case of Square D Homeline, people may have to spend a bit of time to deduce the tripped breaker and then reset it.

Pole: Currently, Square D Qo comes in single-pole, double-pole and triple-pole options. For Square D Homeline, Schneider Electric offers it in single-pole and double-pole configurations. Because of that, Square D Qo holds an edge over Square D Homeline regarding pole.

Protection: Square D Qo as well as Square D Homeline could protect circuits from an assortment of threats assuming that people set them up properly.

Price:  Like anything else, the price of breakers rises and drops from time to time. Still, Schneider Electric tends to sell Square D Qo at a slightly higher cost than that of Square D Homeline. Therefore, in terms of affordability, homeowners consider  Square D Homeline to be the one that comes out on top in Square D Qo vs. Homeline.

Installing Square D Qo And Homeline: Instructions 

Square D Load Center Wiring Diagram - Warn Winch Motor Wiring Diagram -

You don’t have to be an electrician to install circuit breakers like Square D Qo and Square D Homeline. However, if you want some help then take a look at the steps down below

  • Step 1: Shut down the branch circuit breakers one by one. Next, proceed to turn off power to the breaker box by flipping the power main.
  • Step 2: Unscrew the panel cover to get to the breakers.
  • Step 3: Loosen the terminal screws of the old circuit breakers and pull out the wires.
  • Step 4: Move the breaker handle away from the breaker until you could get it out
  • Step 5: Line up the new breaker so it matches the position of the old one. Afterward, you have to press down the new breaker firmly to snap it in place. Connect the wires to the terminal screws, reinstall the panel cover and then restore power.

Note: If you lack confidence, feel free to hire professionals to handle the installation of the breaker in your stead. All it takes is one minor mistake and you may cause multiple damages to the power grid of your house.

How To Choose Between The Breakers 

1st Panel - Square D Homeline : electricians

Different homeowners often have different preferences which means the winner Square D Qo vs. Homeline changes from case to case. Nonetheless, if you want to make a wise investment, it’s strongly recommended that you give these hints a look

  • Think about the load: For circuits that only see low loads, you could use whatever circuit breaker that you like. On the other hand, if your circuit consists of appliances with high power consumption then it’s a good idea to use Square D Qo.
  • Take number into account: In the case that you have to pick up breakers for several circuits, you don’t have to worry about money. That being said, if you must equip lots of low-load circuits with breakers at once, go for Square D Homeline and save some bucks.
  • Keep the circuit in mind: Owing to the presence of trip indicator, Square D Qo lets people determine its status in a matter of seconds. If you have to manage many circuits, you don’t regret buying Square D Qo.


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How long would breakers last?

A wide range of factors affect the lifespan of breakers. Still, solid models such as Square D Qo and Square D Homeline should keep circuits protected for over a decade.

Do circuit breakers require maintenance?

To stay in working order, circuit breakers need periodic maintenance. For instance, as time passes by, dust could accumulate inside breakers and disrupt operation which is why homeowners must clean them from time to time. In addition, to ensure the consistency of current, it’s essential to check out the terminal screws of circuit breakers and tighten them if necessary.

Where could I buy breakers?

You should be able to stock up on breakers by visiting the local hardware stores. It’s noteworthy that various online retailers carry breakers too so you don’t even need to leave the house to get some circuit breakers.

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