SOLVED! - Troy Bilt Pressure Washer Won’t Start: Possibilities

Engineered to project high-pressure water, pressure washers once it comes to removing old paints, stains, duct build-ups, etc, Nowadays,  pressure washers on the market come from various brands but regarding performance, those from Troy Bilt have few competitors. Thanks to the user-oriented approach, Troy Bilt pressure washers rarely let people down in the course of operation nowadays. Troy Bilt pressure washer still experiences issues during starting though so reports of Troy Bilt pressure washer won’t start keep showing up on occasions.

Rundowns Of The Starting Issue In Troy Bilt Pressure Washers

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So you need to use your Troy Bilt pressure washer but it’s unable to turn on for some reason? In that case, you should spare a bit of your time in order to take a look at this article. Down below is a list of causes that may be responsible for the starting issue of your Troy Bilt pressure washer and solutions for them.

Expired Fuel 

For your information, fuel expires following a period of time even if people manage to store it in ideal condition. Since the engine of machinery cannot consume expired fuel, its presence usually leads to many troubles including disruptions to operation. Your Troy Bilt pressure washer won’t start after sitting idly for quite some time with fuel inside its tank? Then you have to assume that expired fuel is one of the suspects behind the starting issue of your pressure washer.

Fix: In the case that you believe the fuel is at fault, empty the tank of your pressure washer. Next, pour new fuel into the tank, start the engine and see how things turn out.


If you notice your Troy Bilt pressure washer running for a few moments before ceasing, the fuel line could be blocked. When blockages exist in the fuel line, the engine is incapable of securing enough fuel to run consistently. To test the theory, remove the fuel line from the inlet nipple, point it downward and determine whether fuel runs out freely. If fuel runs out at a slow pace, there is a chance that you have a blocked fuel line.

Fix: You should be able to deal with blockages in the fuel line of pressure washers using cleaning solutions. Of course, if you lack patience, feel free to buy a new fuel line.

Bad Spark Plug 

All in all, the spark plug plays an important role in the starting of the engine of pressure washers. Naturally, if the spark plug happens to run into problems, the odds of starting failures would increase. By removing the spark plug of your  Troy Bilt pressure washer for inspection, you can learn if it is still in working order, you have to. As always, it’s a good idea to put on protective equipment in advance.

Fix: You detect heavy carbon build-up around the electrode of your spark plug? And all you need to do is to clean the electrode. However, if your spark plug seems to sustain extensive damages such as cracked insulators, you must pick up a replacement.

Malfunctioning Ignition Coil

To put it plainly, the ignition coil is there to send voltage to the spark plug as the engine starts up. In the case that the ignition coil malfunctions, the spark plug would become unresponsive during start-up. As a result, once it comes to starting issue in Troy Bilt pressure washer, malfunctioning ignition coil is among the possibilities. Nowadays, you could figure out the status of an ignition coil via an ignition coil tester.

Fix: If the ignition coil tester confirms your suspicion that you have a  malfunctioning ignition coil, replace it immediately.

Damaged Flywheel Key

The flywheel key is a small metal piece that serves as a fail-safe feature on multiple pressure washers including Troy Bilt models. If pressure washers hit a hard object and the engine comes to a halt, the flywheel key would break to protect the engine. Until people replace the broken flywheel key, their pressure washers won’t come on. If your Troy Bilt pressure washer won’t start out of the blue, it’s strongly recommended that you check out the flywheel key.

Fix: The flywheel key of your pressure washers appears to be damaged? Then grab yourself a new flywheel key, fit it into the engine and everything would go back to normal.

Maintenance Of Pressure Washers: Recommendations 

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Compared to their predecessors, modem pressure washers only require a bit of care to stay in top shape. Still, by following these tips and tricks, you could avoid a lot of headaches as you operate your Troy Bilt pressure washer.

  • Don’t leave fuel in the tank: In layman’s terms, leaving fuel in the tank not only leads to a number of issues for the engine but also presents a fire hazard. Because of that, after you finish using your pressure washer, empty its fuel tank as soon as possible. Store the fuel for your pressure washer in purpose-design cans and add stabilizers to extend the shelf life. Of course, you always have the option of running your pressure washer until it shuts down due to the lack of fuel.
  • Take storage into account: To get your money’s worth, store your pressure washer in a dry location outside of use. In addition to that, while most models have a sealed design, you should prevent your pressure washer from coming into contact with elements during storage. For good measure, put some distance between your pressure washer and sources of heat like boilers, range burners and so on. Last but not least, place a cover on top of your pressure washer to ward off dust, condensation, …
  • Flush the pump: If left unaddressed, water may build up inside your pressure washer as time passes by which causes rust. Hence, you have to completely drain your pressure washer of water via pump flushing. Many solutions for pump flushing so you don’t have to worry about running out of options. You should be able to get pump flushing solutions into your pressure washer through the inlet port.

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