SOLVED: Washing Machine Brands To Avoid: Insights

Homeowners nowadays tend to be at odds about appliances to get but most agree that it’s nice to have a solid washing machine around. Capable of facilitating the process of doing laundry, washing machines save significant time and effort. However, once it comes to washing machines, making the right call is no walk in the park as the market contains products from numerous brands. Considering the difference in quality between manufacturers, it’s natural to see one topic appearing repeatedly in talks among homeowners: washing machine brands to avoid.

Names That Homeowners Must Memorize 

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Intend to get a washing machine for your house but don’t know which brand to put your trust in? Then you should spare some of your time to take a look at this article. Down below, you would find a few names with less than stellar records that you have to steer clear of while shopping for washing machines.


Famous for its offerings of all-in-one models, Summit is popular among homeowners that place utility above all else. That being said, those that pick up washing machines made by Summit still come across issues from time to time. Moreover, even when models from Summit operate smoothly, the time it takes to process a load of clothes is inconsistent. As a result, if you want to get your money’s worth, it’s a good idea to consider skipping over washing machines of Summit.


In case you don’t know, Equator is a brand that takes advantage of every innovation so it’s a prominent name in the industry. Still, based on the reviews of customers, Equator needs to work on its quality control. A number of washing machines made by Equator display error codes on random and that is a source of annoyance. Aside from that, at the end of the washing cycle, units from Equator tend to let out wrinkled clothes too.


All in all, Deco washing machines score well regarding aesthetics but their operation still leaves a lot to be desired. Plenty of people reported that the Deco units they bought sometimes stop running out of the blue which is troublesome. Additionally, the responsiveness of the display is barely acceptable as well so applying changes to settings is kind of tedious. Last but not least, the customer service of Deco is not exactly eager to help out people that require assistance.


Reaching the market at budget-friendly prices, Danby appliances perform adequately for what they cost in most of the cases. Nonetheless, during the discussions about washing machine brands to avoid in the present, Danby appears repeatedly as a result of the irregularity of its units. For instance, the strength of washing cycles of units from Danby varies which leaves stain spots on clothes on occasions. Also, when Danby models need repairs, people must spend a lot of money to get their hands on replacement components.


While a number of Electrolux units give a good account of themselves in use, many washing machines of the brand fail to satisfy their users. One of the problems plaguing models made by Electrolux is the multiple error codes that pop up for no reason. Electrolux claimed that replacing the mainboard of the units should prevent error codes from returning but customers said the opposite. Lastly, though Electrolux backs all of its washing machines with warranties, the claiming process is lengthy and that irritates homeowners.

Reputable Brands Of Washing Machines

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Generally speaking, if you keep a list of washing machine brands to avoid around then you should have an easy time narrowing down your options. However, to optimize the search for a solid unit, it’s suggested that you keep an eye out for washing machines from the following manufacturers


In the course of operation, washing machines made by Panda don’t excel in particular regards but they remain excellent additions to the average household. Thanks to the intuitive controls, users could adjust the performance of Panda models as they see fit in mere seconds. Furthermore, units of Panda have straightforward maintenance so keeping them in working order is a walk in the park. Needless to say, no-nonsense homeowners around the globe tend to hold Panda as well as its appliance in high esteem.

General Electric (GE)

As a long-established brand with plenty of experience, General Electric knows what people look for in their washing machines and design its products accordingly. Because of that, GE models never fail to please time-strapped homeowners who have to deal with huge loads of clothes on a daily basis. Besides that, washing machines of General Electric have reasonable consumption rates too so their presence rarely overloads the power grids. In the case that you happen to use many power-hungry appliances in your place, GE units should suit you.


Effective and efficient, washing machines from LG earn a shower of praise from reviews of washing machines for residences nowadays. LG models come to the market across the price points as well, hence, they suit an assortment of shopping budgets. Noteworthily, as proof of confidence, LG offers everyone that opts to pick up its appliances warranties. That means if your LG washing machine breaks down due to manufacturing defects within the warranty period, you could claim a replacement free of charge.

How To Get The Best Washing Machine: A Homeowner’s Guide 

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  • Take the size into account: To put it plainly, the size of a washing machine not only determines the space it takes up but also dictates the process of positioning. As a result, you have to give size some thought to make a wise investment.
  • Keep the settings in mind: Today’s washing machines incorporate a wide range of settings in order to meet the diverse demands of modern homeowners. By comparing the settings of units with washing requirements of your clothes, you could deduce which one suits you most. Usually, you should be able to tell what kind of setting a model possesses by reading its owner’s manual. In the case that you have any questions about the settings, feel free to get in touch with the manufacturer.
  • Think about the loading capacity: The number of clothes to wash changes between houses so you must pay attention to loading capacity of washing machines. To work out the ideal loading capacity for your washing machine, it’s best to consider the loads of clothes that you have to wash.

How To Install A Washing Machine 

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You don’t have to be an expert to get washing machines up and running. Still, if you seek guidance, it’s strongly recommended that you follow the following steps

Step 1: Position the washing machine 

For a smooth operation, you should set up your washing machine on level ground that could support its weight. In addition, it’s a good idea to keep the unit close to water sources, drain lines and electric outlets.

Step 2: Connect the washing machine to a water source

Once your washing machine is in the ideal location, proceed to connect it to a water source of your choice. It’s worth pointing out that most washing machines on the market have two outlets for water: cold and hot. Therefore, you need to be careful while connecting the hoses so you don’t mess up the outlets by mistakes. In the case that you use identical hoses, you may want to attach some sort of note to one of them to help with recognition.

Note: It’s important to secure hoses that bring water to your washing machines but you should avoid over-tightening. When you can no longer turn the hose connections with your hands, use a pair of pliers to turn them a bit more then stop.

Step 2: Connect the washing machine to a drain lime

On a number of models, the hose for drainage is already installed but sometimes, people need to set it up. In any case, get a hold of the draining hose of the unit and hook it to the drain line. Naturally, it’s imperative to secure the draining hose to the best of your ability. If the hose for drainage comes loose as you drain your washing machine, there is a very good chance that it won’t be pretty.

Step 3: Connect the washing machine to an electric outlet 

The process is a no-brainer: grab the cord of your washing machine and plug it into an electric outlet. Since different models tend to feature different ratings, you must make sure that the voltage of the chosen outlet matches that of your washing machine.

Step 4: Do a test load

Your washing machine is essentially good to go now and that means the last thing to do is to see how it handles a load. Place some clothes into the unit, fill it with water, add a bit of detergent and start the washing cycle. Assuming that you have done everything correctly, your washing machine should let out clean clothes at the end of cycles. If you notice issues such as water leakage, fix them at once so you don’t need to put up with headaches in the future.

Maintenance Of Washing Machine: Tips And Tricks 

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  • Don’t overload: Everyone of us wants to take care of our laundry as quickly as possible but overloading may do more harm than good. When the load is too big, washing machines have to work harder to clean the clothes which shortens their longevity. Split your clothes into small loads so as to lessen the strain that your washing machine experiences in the course of operation. Also, you need to calculate the amount of water to match the loads.
  • Wash the drum: As time passes by, the drum of washing machines for residences collects all kinds of materials. Because of that, you should clean the drum of your unit from time to time. Nowadays, plenty of brands produce purpose-design cleaning solutions for the drum of washing machines. That being said, a mixture of water and vinegar would work wonders in a pinch.
  • Keep the lid open: To prevent dirt from coming into the drum, you need to close the lid of your washing machine outside of use. Still, for a short period of time after using your unit, it’s suggested that you keep the lid open. By doing so, you could reduce the build-up of moisture inside the drum, inhibit the growth of mold, etc.


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Which one is the winner in top-loading vs. front-loading? 

In terms of convenience, top-loading washing machines prove superior as they don’t require people to bend in order to add and remove clothes. On the other hand, front-loading washing machines consume less water per load than their top-loading counterparts in use. That is why regarding top-loading vs. front-loading, it’s all about personal preferences. Take your liking into account and you would be able to make the right call.

What kind of detergent is good for washing machines?

A lot of modern washing machines on the market accept standard detergents but some models only work with particular products. Because of that, once it comes to choosing detergents, you should give the owner’s manual of your unit a look. Usually, manufacturers of washing machines leave a few suggestions for detergents in the owner’s manual of their appliances. In the case that you have questions, feel free to get in touch with the manufacturer of your washing machine.

How long would washing machines last? 

The lifespan of washing machines changes from case to case as factors come into play: maintenance, usage and so on. On average, unless you push your unit to the extremes, it’s going to last for a decade before failing. Of course, as components wear out over time, your washing machine would need repair now and then to remain operational. It’s noteworthy that at a certain point, picking up new units is more economical than repairing well-worn units.

Where could I buy a washing machine?

You should be able to get a washing machine for your house by dropping by stores that deal in appliances. Kind of busy at the moment and don’t want to go out of your way for a washing machine? Then it’s widely advised that you consider ordering your washing machine from online retailers. For good measure, you should stick to well-known names including Amazon, eBay and others.


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